Awaken Your Incredible


As regular readers will know, we here at Mummy of Style and Substance are very much into the power of positive thinking and tapping into your own personal power. You are the only person who can awaken your best self.

Having said that, I am quite happy Weight Watchers have tapped into positive thinking with their new program and campaign “Awaken your Incredible”. The campaign aims to get people believing in themselves again.

Says Michael Burgess, Weight Watchers general manager, Marketing: “Weight Watchers is founded and built on the truth that the only lasting weight loss solution for you, comes from within you.  The core creative idea has hope and flexes the motivational muscle.

You can learn more about Weight Watchers “Awaken Your Incredible” program here:

I must admit, my motivation and willpower has gone out the window since Christmas and I have to get back on the health and fitness band wagon. I am careful with what I eat, mainly. With a gluten and soy free, low GI diet it is easy to indulge on gluten free cakes and muffins to make oneself feel better, along with chocolate and ice cream… eating and getting bigger is only making me feel worse about myself. I will have to cut those out.

I think this is why Weight Watchers have gone with a new approach because a great deal of people who need to lose weight already feel bad about how they are within themselves and lack the willpower to get themselves healthy, which in turn makes them feel happy with themselves when they are achieving their goals.

After I had my youngest, I took part in Weight Watchers online program and walked every day. I went from a size 18 down to a 12 in about 6 months. Weight Watchers programs are easy to follow and the community support is amazing.

I’m really interested in the new program and might take part in it myself.

Have you got New Years resolutions or goals to get healthy and fit? Maybe you can join me!

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