How to Bite the Bullet and Overcome Dental Anxiety

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We all know the visiting the dentist on a regular basis has a whole range of benefits. But unfortunately, many people suffer from dental anxiety which makes getting in that chair very difficult in the first place. Not only is going to the dentist important for a brighter smile and good teeth, they can also help to spot signs of gum disease which has been linked to serious conditions such as heart disease, strokes and diabetes. The fear often seems to stem from the lack of control that people feel when they are there. Ultimately, you want to make sure that you go to a dentist like the one from  who is understanding of your anxiety and takes steps to relieve it. Here are a few other things that you can try yourself to beat your fears.

Go with Someone You Trust

If it has been a long time since you have visited the dentist, rather than going on your own, you could try going with a close friend or family member who doesn’t have the same fears as you. Having this person with you can help you to calm down, and they can also provide reassurance that everything is normal and you don’t have any reason to worry. Some people find that a female dentist can sometimes be more understanding of anxiety as well.

Distract Yourself While You are in the Chair

While you are in the dentist’s chair, you should try to seek some distractions that take your mind off what is happening. For example, you could listen to some music on your headphones. Try making yourself a playlist with some relaxing songs on it. Alternatively, some people find that audio books help to take their mind off things. There are even some dentists who have TVs in the room, so you could try to find one who has one.

Remind Yourself About How Important this is

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It helps to remind yourself that the end result is worth the anxiety you are feeling at the moment. So, whether you need emax crowns to improve the appearance and strength of your teeth or you need to have a filling, remember that it is necessary for your long-term dental health. Remind yourself that trips to the dentist are very infrequent and you can relax after you have got this one out of the way.

Try Relaxation Techniques

There are plenty of other relaxation techniques that you can try while you are in the dentist’s chair. For example, you could control your breathing. Rather than taking shallow breaths, you could make them deeper and more rhythmic. This will help to naturally slow you heartbeat and also relax your muscles.

Find Out What Sedatives are an Option

For people who suffer from extreme anxiety, you can find out more about the sedatives that are appropriate and available. Different options include local anaesthetic, nitrous oxide, oral sedatives and intravenous sedatives. Sleep dentistry is a growing field which may be worth looking into if you don’t see any other way round overcoming your anxiety through the previous methods already discussed.       

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