How to Live a Carefree Life

We live hectic lives filled to the brim with countless obligations. There are too many things, including our jobs, families, friends, rents and numerous other aspects we have little or no control over. However, you need to keep in mind that such a lifestyle will take its toll on your health and satisfaction sooner or… Read More How to Live a Carefree Life

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What now?

Not a sponsored post Today is of course Monday and I am hoping this week will be a lot better than last week.  To say last week was a bit of a shit would be an understatement and I’m quite happy it is now in the past. I’m usually positive and optimistic, maybe overly so…… Read More What now?


Whinging gets you nowhere

Do you know what really annoys me the most? When people whinge about their life and continually post on Facebook, Twitter etc that their life sucks… blah blah blah all that negative stuff. You know what people? All the bad things are happening to you because of your frame of mind. Positive attracts positive, negative… Read More Whinging gets you nowhere