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Borne Naked: My new best friend

I have a  new best friend and it is something that I don’t think I could ever live without again. It makes my life so much easier and I am sure it will with you as well. I am regularly changing bags to go out…
I have a JAG tote for shopping or going somewhere with the kids.
My JAG handbag for more formal outings like coffee with the girls,movies, dinner with hubby etc.
And my laptop/ work bag.
 My new best friend is the medium (and small) Borne Naked bag liners. How many times have you changed bags but forgot something out of the last bag?? I have left keys, mobile phone, lipstick, tissues etc at home.
I used the small liner in my overnight bag recently to carry my shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser. The linders are very versatile and would also be fantastic to use from a baby bag to your handbag and back again.
The Borne Naked® Handbag Liner clearly organises and de-clutters your handbag, making it quicker and easier than ever to transfer your essentials from your Gucci tote to your Chloe clutch… not to mention keeping your handbag clean and neat. How could you ever live without one?
The decision to change handbags is all too often made at the last minute, resulting in items being left behind! Finally Borne Naked has developed a bag organiser that will see an end to the universal problems that arises with changing handbags and leaving your favourite lippie, perfume, tampons, hair elastics, sunglasses and diary – and all your other MUST HAVE items – in your previous bag!
Borne Naked is a unique clear handbag liner that sits inside your handbag and holds your handbag contents in organised compartments, managing to keep all of your favourite things in the one completely see-through pouch. For sassy, organised women all over the world who want to change their handbag to match their outfit, all you have to do is simply remove the handbag liner (which you keep your daily necessities in) and place it into another bag, making changing handbags extremely quick and easy!
Now you can share the love between your Chloe, Gucci or Balenciaga bag – changing over handbags has never been made so easy!

Borne Naked  now have everyday packs which include:

The Everyday pack: 

Introducing the Everyday Girl’s pack – complete with all the lotions, potions and emergency aids any self-respecting girl should have on her at any time (I personally have one of these!). The Everyday pack contains:

Everday Pack
  • Borne Naked handbag liner – Medium
  • Moxie tampons
  • Lanolips Lip Gloss
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo
  • Sticking plasters
  • Mini mouthwash
  • Mints
  • Tissues
  • Mini
  • Rexona deodorant
  • Mini Vaseline hand cream
  • Manicare Nail file
  • Notepad and pen

The Mums Pack: 

Reclaim control of your over-flowing nappy satchel with the New Mum’s pack.

  The Mums Pack contains:
  • Borne Naked handbag liner – large
  • Huggies Change Mat
  • Advent Feeder Bottle & Soother
  • Pigeon – 1 set breast pads, 10ml liquid cleanser, 50ml baby shampoo, 10-pack Baby wipes
  • Tummy Tie
  • Palmers Mini Stretch Mark Cream
  • Palmers Bottom Butter
  • Palmers Nursing cream
  • Palmers Moisturising body oil
  • Johnson and Johnson talcum powder
  • Cotton buds  and  Hydrodol
  • Tissues and Dettol Hand Sanitizer

The Indulgent Pack:

Introducing the Indulgent pack – complete with all favourite brands that will have you smelling good, looking good and feeling good plus some yummy nougat completes this indulgent experience.
The Indulgent pack includes:

  • Borne Naked handbag liner – medium
  • Be Genki Vitality Face Mist
  • Glasshouse Montego Bay Handcreme
  • MOR Marshmallow Lip Balm
  • Narciso Rodriguez for Her Eau de Parfum 7.5ml
  • Nougat Limar 150g bar in Vanilla Pistachio

The Mini Indulgent pack:

Introducing the Mini Indulgent pack – complete with all handbag essentials such as handcreme, perfume oil and lip balm.
The Mini Indulgent pack includes:
  • Borne Naked handbag liner – small
  • MOR Mini Handcreme in Belladonna
  • MOR Perfume Oil in Belladonna
  • MOR Lip Delight in Peach Nectar


Borne Naked also have more packs on offer… there are the party girl, beach girl and travel girl packs and the new Borne Naked Traveller pack with handy little reusable containers. 
Borne Naked liners are available in three sizes. Small, Medium and Large.


Two lucky, stylish mummy’s will be lucky enough to win either a small or medium size liner. 
All you have to do is tell me why you need a Borne Naked liner and the size you would like to win.


One Comment

  • marloperry

    I love my Borne Naked liner!

    Even when I’m not using it in a handbag, I keep all my things (wallet, diary, keys etc) in it in a handy spot so that I can tip the contents of the liner into a smaller bag.

    It makes a handy cosmetic case too.

    I said on my blog that I wanted to have a baby just so I could buy the mum’s pack- it’s so cute!

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