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Tips for Brightening Your Living Area


Brightening your living area is known to brighten your mood. Most people feel happier in a home that has lots of natural light and décor that gives a feeling of light, whereas living in a dark house can make you feel tired and depressed. If your living area is dark, don’t despair, here are some great tips for brightening your room and your day.

How Dark is Dark?

If you have been living in a dark house for some time, it is likely that you have grown quite used to it and unable to determine areas to lighten. Try taking a fresh look at your home by walking through each room and assess how dark each area really is. Think about what is creating that darkness. Is it lack of natural light or is the room full of dark furniture? Do you have heavy drapes on the windows or is the room painted in dark colours? This exercise will give you an idea of what you need to change to bring bright back into your home.


Natural Light

Of all the changes you can make there is nothing that will brighten your room as dramatically as bringing in natural light. Choose curtains or blinds that can be drawn back to let the light in. If the room doesn’t have enough windows you might like to consider installing a sky light. These are excellent for rooms in the middle of the house that may not have windows. A sky light will transform your room into a bright and happy space overnight. A well-placed sky light will provide far more light than windows as they filter light from the ceiling and disperse it evenly throughout the room. Installing a sky light is a really worthwhile investment in dark rooms and will save you money on light bills in the long term. Roofing specialists like Roof Masters can install sky lights quickly and easily.

Go Neutral

Introduce as many neutral colours as you can to dark rooms. One idea is to introduce strong contrasts by opting for white or cream for walls and furnishings, but adding colour with throw rugs, cushions and wall hangings. Dark paint colours, heavy wooden furnishings and weighty fabrics should be replaced with browns, greys and soft whites. And if the floor is a dark wood, cover it with lots of light rugs.

Lights and Lamps

You can lighten a heavy ceiling with lots of recessed lights or rack lighting; these will brighten your room without being obtrusive. Add lamps where you can and introduce as much light as possible with lighting fixtures – you can even add a dimmer switch for cosy evening lighting. If your room is only dark in certain areas or corners you might like to install pendant lighting in the dark area. You can also add soft lighting by installing shelving or cabinets with built-in lighting.

Brightening your living area will directly impact on your happiness. Don’t put up with dark rooms any longer. Employ some of these tips and improve the quality of your home-life.

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