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How to Research Homes on the Market before Buying

Many people dream of owning a home someday but simply don’t know how to go about it. One of the first steps to buy a home should always be researched. Researching real estate can teach you a lot of valuable things and can allow you to plan accordingly. The more you research, the fewer unpleasant surprises you’ll encounter. So how exactly should you conduct this research, and what should you even research in the first place? Here’s how to study up homes on the market before buying.


The most obvious, and probably the most important thing you should research when buying a home is prices. The price of a home is one of the biggest factors in whether or not you decide to go through a purchase. Prices of homes can vary greatly depending on the quality of a home, ranging from under $100,000 to exceed $1,000,000. However, don’t get trapped into thinking that a home’s list price is all you have to worry about. There are plenty of other costs associated with the sale such as paying your real estate agent and the interest that will accrue on your mortgage. Thankfully finding information about price is relatively easy thanks to its importance. Most listings will have their prices listed front and centre, making this part of research relatively easy.


The location of a home is important and is one of the more research-intensive areas of home buying. There are many factors that are associated with the location. For example, you may want to know how close your home is to major stores like supermarkets or clothing stores. In addition, you will also want to research what the local school district is like. Is it a school district that you could see yourself sending your children to? If not, are there any private school alternatives close by? You will also want to research and check around what type of neighbours live nearby, as you will likely be spending a considerable amount of time near them in the next couple of years. Finally, you will also want to research local emergency services. Where is the nearest hospital and police station, and how long will it take emergency services to get to your new home from these locations? These are all very important questions that need to be answered, something that can be done through extensive research.


Another major factor in home buying is the size of the home. Like finding the price of a home, this part of the research process is relatively hassle-free. The size of the home is usually displayed on the home’s listing, and you should be able to get a good feel for the home’s size during any tours through the home. However, you may want to research and do some thinking about what size of home you truly want. How many acres does the property come with? Does it have a yard? These are all questions that can be answered relatively easily through some basic research. Do you plan to have kids and a family in this home? Then you probably should opt for a larger home that can support multiple people.

EconomyOne factor that you should definitely research before buying a home is the local economy. This includes what businesses and services are in the area, and what the average household income is like. Areas with a booming economy typically have many more businesses and services available to local residents. This also usually includes high-end stores that sell a variety of luxury products. The trade-off is that these areas usually have an elevated cost of living. This means that basic products like food and other things may be more expensive than in other areas with a lower cost of living. This is a trade-off that you need to consider, and you should definitely research whether you have the income to live in a high cost of living area.

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