Celebrity inspired engagement rings

kate-engagement ring

Celebrities around the world have influenced fashions for generations. Sports stars, movie actors, musicians, politicians, even princesses have set the tone for many popular styles. While it’s known that diamonds are a token of love, the way they are presented (and styled) is what romance is built on. The presenting of bridal pieces stands for commitment and timelessness. Although many of these engagements have not withstood the test of time, the eternal quality of fine jewellery will never grow old. So, let’s look at some of these top designs…

Sapphire Rings Inspired by Royalty:

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring has inspired the entire world. Michael Hill’s sapphire ring is amongst the finest examples with its gorgeous colour and oval shape. The ring reminds us of a band presented by Napoleon to Joséphine, his fiancé. Recently Joséphine’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring sold for almost a million US dollars. You would think that would be a tough order to follow, yet Princess Kate’s ring has revived this storybook romance.

Kate Middleton engagement ring

Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewellery:

Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry tells a story all its own. Her glamorous pieces speak of a long list of suitors who expressed their devotion through gifts of love. It is true that diamonds represent commitment, and the way they are presented is often as remarkable as the settings. Although Elizabeth Taylor was engaged and married at least seven times, her connection to bridal rings is almost unsurpassed.

Nick Lachey’s Proposal to Jessica Simpson:

Fast forward to the twenty-first century… recently, a commotion surrounded Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson’s engagement. Their pear-shaped cut-diamond took over the fashion-world by storm. Bright and bold, this engagement ring features diamonds that bookend the centre stone… and it is definitely remarkable!


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, the Craze Continues:

The popularity of celeb-inspired creations became more widespread when Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez. Theirs was an emerald-cut ring that focused on an oversized pink-diamond. Fans were instantly attracted to the ring with its charming baguettes. Since then, several other rings have caused a stir.Lopez ring

When Kevin Federline Proposed to Britney Spears:

Britney’s gorgeous engagement ring combined a centered ‘cushion-cut’ diamond sitting amidst a twin row of inter-connected diamond-covered bands. This nearly flawless diamond is as breathtaking as it is stunning. 

brittney ring

In truth, not every suitor can afford real diamonds. Each of the pieces listed above is in a class all its own… from Napoleon’s Joséphine, to Elizabeth Taylor, right on up to Kate Middleton’s sapphire beauty.

As Marilyn Monroe, another diamond icon, expressed decades ago… ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.’ The reason is that that a bridal piece never loses its shape, or that very special place in a woman’s heart. Their gorgeous and elusive qualities continue to set these rings apart as we can see in each of examples listed above. Diamonds shimmer, diamonds shine… and when they are surrounded and enhanced with precious stones and metals their beauty is almost unsurpassed. Their eternal quality never grows old. There is just so much to love about bridal pieces inspired by love!

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