Crystal Clear Reasons To Have Laser Eye Surgery

Even if you’ve worn glasses pretty much all your life, or you’ve recently accepted that contact lenses are the best option for your eyes, most of us still occasionally wonder whether it’s time to consider a more permanent solution for our vision problems. Understandably, most of us shiver with fear at the thought of eye surgery, but surely it can’t be that bad if so many people schedule the procedure. Whether you miss life before you were dependent on contacts, or you’re curious about living a life free from glasses, here are a few reasons why surgery might be the best step for you.

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You’re the right candidate

Before doctors will even consider scheduling you for the procedure, they need to make sure you fit the criteria. If you’re over 21 years old, have generally good eye health, you’ve had a stable prescription for years, and you don’t have any ongoing eye diseases that may be worsened by surgery, then you’re already the perfect candidate. However, if you regularly suffer from dry eyes, or you have uncontrolled diabetes or glaucoma, then you probably won’t qualify for surgery.

You’ve done some basic research

Looking into the different kinds of eye surgery is generally a clear sign that you’re really considering having the procedure done. Of course, it’s best to schedule a consultation so the doctor can clarify and concerns you might have, but if you’ve taken it upon yourself to learn more about monovision lasik and the procedure for cataracts surgery, then it seems you’ve practically made up your mind. Alternatively, you might have been freaked out by the details of the operation, in which case consulting a doctor will either lay your fears to rest, or put you off the idea altogether. Either way, you’ll soon be ready to make an informed decision.

You have an active lifestyle

Imagine working up a sweat in an intense workout and not having to push your glasses back up your nose for the millionth time. Although contact lenses are better than glasses when it comes to exercise, you’re probably fed up with dry eyes interfering with your active lifestyle. Not to mention you’re always afraid to lose your contacts when you do water sports. Neither one is a perfect option if you like exercising, yet you need one or the other to perform well. Surgery offers you freedom from both. No more dry eyes, perfect vision, and no fear of losing your vision aid.


Glasses are expensive enough, never mind the additional cost of prescription sunglasses. Then you also have to buy non-prescription sunglasses for the days when you are wearing your lenses. It’s too much. It might be a more materialistic reason to consider getting surgery, but the ability to see clearly should not cost you this much every year.

You yearn to wake up and see

When was the last time you woke up and didn’t reach for your glasses? Wouldn’t it be lovely to see the world through your own eyes?

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