Make Your Home More Comfortable With These Cosy Tricks



Comfort is often sacrificed in the home. For most people, you cannot mix style with substance, and most homeowners tend to go with style. Well, we are here to tell you that is totally false. You can have your cake and eat it, too, you just need to know a few tricks of the trade first. If your house is lacking that homely edge, here’s how to get the job done.


Play With Colour

Colour is great because a few tins of paint can create a style and an atmosphere that is hard to replicate. All you have to do is find the right colour and you are ready to go. So, what is the right colour? Well, with summer dwindling and the cold weather about to set in, dark colours are a good choice. Deep purples and blues have a calming effect, compared to their lighter counterparts. Bright colours reflect light and make a room look bigger and brighter. For a cosier look, you need to melt into your surroundings.


Play With Light

Light works in the same way as colour. If you have dark colours on the walls, compliment them with dark lighting. Good lighting will enhance the style and tone of the room, and you can do it at the flick of a switch. Try adding small, portable lamps and light fixtures that allow you to control the amount of light.




Mix And Match Furniture

It is possible to have furniture that is comfortable and furniture that looks good, you just need to be strategic with your place settings. So, look around and take stock of your house. Is it all style and no substance? All you have to do is take away that uncomfortable armchair that no one uses and replace it with a bean bag. Bean bags sound incredibly informal, but they can be a great addition if you do it properly. Find out at about all your bean bag and lounging needs.

If bean bags are not your thing, reconsider the material of your furniture. Hard material like leather lasts longer, but it is hard and cold. There is nothing wrong with a nice, fashionable armchair that is made from a soft fabric. It will complement the room and they are incredibly comfy.


Create Your Own

Do you have a hobby? Can you transfer it to your home? Good, then do it! Don’t be afraid to imbibe your house with your personality. The first rule of interior design is to pick designs and styles that you prefer. After all, you have to live in your home, not the neighbours down the road. One fantastic way to show your personality is to put up drawings you have created around the house. Nothing is more personal than art.


Do you still think that you can’t have style and substance in the same room?  In fact, it isn’t even that hard. All you need are a couple of tins of paint, light fixtures and a good mix of fabrics and your home will be transformed.


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