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Creating a Garden the Whole Family Can Enjoy

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Gardens are fantastic. A beautiful place to enjoy your morning coffee, to entertain friends, to relax at the end of the day or to play with the kids. If you’ve ever lived without one, you’ll know how much you missed having your own outdoor space. However, one thing people find difficult is creating a garden for everyone to enjoy. Families with young children often find their garden is overrun with kids toys and games, and that they no longer have a space to relax and enjoy, especially when blocks are so small these days and backyards seem to be a forgotten feature of a house.

Create Zones

The best way to make sure that your garden is suitable for everyone is separating it into zones. You don’t need to block bits off or add walls, just give each area a clear purpose. Have a grassed space, filled with toys, bright colours and small seating for the kids. Then, have an area with comfortable seating and plants with a relaxing aroma where you can chill out on your own. Finally, add an eating area, with outdoor cooking equipment and a dining space.

Think of Safety

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Garden safety is incredibly important. Even in your own garden, there can be dangers you need to look out for, on top of the risks of sunburn. Look into deck sanding to make sure your decking is neat and safe. Keep any chemicals and garden tools locked away and make sure all plants are safe and won’t make a child ill if they touch they mouth after playing.

Add Cover and Heating

One fantastic way to make sure you can enjoy your garden as a family, all year round is adding a covered area with outdoor heating options. The dining area may be the best space for this, especially if it’s on decking, away from muddy grassy. In the colder months, brings some kids toys into this area.

Think of Accessories

Accessories are an excellent way to make your garden special. Add candles and lanterns for some extra lighting options and look at soft outdoor furnishings and clever planter ideas to make it truly unique.

Involve the Kids

One of the best ways to make sure it’s a space for everyone, is involving everyone in its creation. Kids of all ages love getting stuck in and helping their parents in the garden. Let them help you to choose accessories and their own toys, but also let them have a go at things like planting and painting. This way, they’ll be very proud of their own work and less likely to try and destroy it.

Having a garden is a brilliant thing. It gets you outdoors more, gives you a space to relax and can help you to get some exercise. It’s also a space you know the kids are safe to explore. Try these tips to help you to create the garden of your dreams. 

You can find some more tips for a family friendly garden in our How to make the most of your small family garden ebook made by Grasslands.

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