Adding Life To Your Years…


Fighting the onset of age isn’t just a physical battle, it’s a mental one too. It’s very likely that we’ll end up feeling down about losing our faculties and watching our body degenerate. But it doesn’t have to be like this, with a few simple tips, you can better prepare yourself for what happens to us all.

Flexibility Will Help With Aches and Pains

Stretching is a vital part of keeping the joints supple and will help to get the blood flowing. And if you can manage it, attending a yoga class will be a great way to build up your flexibility. Stretching every morning when you get up or before you attempt any type of physical exertion will be a big help, and even if you just do a bit here and there, every little helps.

Listen To Your Body

There are people who will run to the doctor at a moment’s notice, and others who will try and power through when they’ve got an ache of some sort. The best balance to find is somewhere in between the two, and take the time to focus on what your body is trying to tell you. You may find that some soreness can be treated by taking it easy and applying some ice to the problem area.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Regardless of our age, there comes a time when we may need that bit more assistance, so whether you’ve got to that point where everything is a chore, it might be time to speak to relatives or local authorities to get the support you need. There are companies like Motoring Mobility who provide vehicle-based assistance, which helps you to maintain some of your independence. And while your independence is the most important thing to maintain as you age, never underestimate a helping hand when feeling too proud to ask for assistance.

Exercise, But Gradually

The issue everyone has with exertion is pushing themselves too much. Pushing yourself needs to be part of a typical workout routine, but if you go completely off the scale, not only will you end up causing an injury, but it will demotivate you because you’ve done too much. The important thing is to create a base level of fitness. There’s no point in running 5-miles when you haven’t done it before. You need to test how fit you are by running a short distance, or by aiming for five press-ups or sit-ups, just enough so it is a challenge for you. And once you’ve got a better idea of how fit you are (or aren’t) then you can prepare a suitable exercise regime.

Look At Your Fuel

Exercising your body is one thing, but if you aren’t providing it with the right foods, and the right amount, you will be severely depleting your energy stores or not providing yourself with adequate vitamins and minerals. If you suspect a certain food is causing you an issue, aim to take it out of your diet for a few weeks and then gradually reintroduce it.

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