9 year old girl creates her own charity to find cure for cancer

clothes for a cure

An incredible nine-year-old girl by the name Alyssa has set up her own charity to ‘help save people with cancer’ – totally off her own back.
Mind you, this is straight after her cutting her very long hair and donating to Pantene Beautiful Lengths to be made into a wig only a few months ago!!

As regular readers will know, I lost my mother three years ago to an aggressive form of breast cancer and we are huge supporters of Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths campaign, the McGrath Foundation, NBCF and a lot more charity organisations. We love hear stories of anyone setting up charities for causes close to our hearts, especially for cancer organisations. It is something very special to find a nine-year-old who wants to make a different to those affected by cancer.

Where did Clothes for a Cure begin? Alyssa’s Mum, Caitlyn explains:
“It was the 16th January 2015 and my gorgeous 9-year-old daughter Alyssa was cleaning her room, when she came to me and asked for some white stickers, I enquired what she wanted them for and she told me it was to put them on her shoe, with the size … with that I gave her a sheet of labels that would suit her purpose.  She headed back to her room and continued sorting things, which I later find out, into bags!  I thought nothing more of it.
Then she asked to use me computer and as I was making lunch she started tapping away, and I came back to find her creating a handful of posters that said “HELP SAVE PEOPLE WITH CANCER!”… that was when I asked her, “what are you up too?”.  To that she replied, “I’m going to set up a table out the front of our house and sell all of the clothes, shoes and toys that I no longer want, and give all the money to people with Cancer”.  In that moment, I was (again) incredibly proud to be Alyssa’s mum!
So as her entrepreneurial mum, I thought a little bigger and suggested she could invite her friends to donate their clothes and I would contact my friends, the community and a few fashion outlets to see if they would like to be involved and maybe even auction a few items off.
So, within the space of a few hours, we had an event name, logo, Facebook page (Clothes for a Cure) and our chosen charity (the National Breast Cancer Foundation).”
Alyssa has a message for you:
Caitlyn is currently looking for some help to raise its’ profile and let people know that they can donate clothing, shoes and / or accessories to her to either auction (if new) or sell at their 1 day event (22nd March) to raise much-needed funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This event if successful will continue on. 
If you can help in any way, please go to the Clothes for a Cure Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/ClothesForaCure



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