Tips for Hosting an Autumn Dinner Party

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Too often, we go into hibernation for winter, cancelling plans with friends and family because we think of the weather as too unforgiving. It’s cold and windy and no one likes to leave their house. Autumn, leading up to winter, can similarly be written off for entertaining as the weather slowly starts to change and become bitterer. However, autumn is a fantastic time of the year; the weather isn’t too hot nor cold and the summer rain has disappeared. With some amazing foods also in season, it’s the best time to take advantage of the conditions and host a dinner party.

Hunt Down Some Fresh Produce

Autumn is famously known for its pumpkins, and from this has grown many different recipes, from pumpkin pie to pumpkin spiced lattes. Other foods that are ripe for the picking include pears, mushrooms, and figs, which can make a luxurious meal for any time of the day. Some creative ideas include homemade pizzas, a gourmet salad, or (if you’re feeling brave) ice cream.

Weatherproof Your House

If you’re worried that your dinner party is quickly going to turn from a lovely gathering to a bitterly cold evening, try reimagining your entertainment area. One idea is to set up a gas heater on your outside deck or patio that can easily be switched on if need be. Another idea is to set up folding or sliding French doors connecting your main dining area to outside, meaning that you get to enjoy the fresh air and still be in the comfort of your home. Of course, a classic sliding glass door could do the trick too; if your existing gateway to the outdoors isn’t up to standard, speak to a doors expert like AJ Doors Brisbane to discover the range of options available to you.

Keep the Guests Busy

Depending on your crowd, Monopoly might be out of the question, but there is nothing stopping you picking up a perfect dinner party game to entertain your guests. For the academic, there are plenty of wordsmith games that will encourage your guests to mingle and get their thinking caps on. Or perhaps you could host a themed dinner party complete with characters for everyone that attends. This is sure to keep everyone busy and enjoying their night!

Invite Early and Creatively

As you already know, people might be reluctant to come out during this cooler season. To make it harder for people to come up with excuses, send out the invitations well in advance and make them creative. Also, be sure to include information about how you’ll be keeping everyone warm, whether it’s through heating or the hot food you’ll be serving. You could even be cheeky with this (e.g. “First guest to arrive gets the seat closest to the heater!”).

Here are just a few options to encourage you to plan your next autumn dinner party. Do you have any tips you’ve used to throw a fantastic party during this season? Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

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