Cute Mothers Day Cards

Mother’s Day cards now for kids too little to read or write
I love these new cards from Hallmark. What a fantastic idea and they are so cute!
Kids of all ages, even newborns, now have the chance to give their Mums an everlasting memory this Mother’s Day thanks to innovations in greeting cards that offer new ways to say “I love you Mum”.
New recordable Mother’s Day cards from Hallmark allow children of all ages to record a personalised voice message of up to 10 seconds that plays as soon as Mum opens her card, followed by music.
Whether it’s “I love you”, a poem, or a “goo goo gaa gaa”, no one is too young to record a meaningful message that will be a present in itself this Mother’s Day on 9 May.
Recordable Cards are just some of the new technologies being injected into greeting cards as part of Hallmark’s new ((interactive)) range, which lets consumers personalise their cards to generate a greater response using music and sound.
Song Cards play up to 30 seconds of songs and audio clips in CD quality from selected movies and TV – so if you’re stuck for words (no matter your age) you can still rock Mum’s world with her favourite song.
These are not just any songs either – Hallmark makes the only cards in Australia featuring songs and sounds by original artists. Licensed music includes “Unbelievable” by EMF and “Best of My Love” by The Emotions.
For those who want to put themselves in the designer’s chair, Personalised Cards allow senders to add their own text and photos to a range of fun designs at Once purchased, Hallmark prints it and posts it for free to ensure Mum receives it within three working days.
So this Mother’s Day, imagine how your Mum will feel when she sees a professionally printed Hallmark card with your photo on it? Or, what better way to tell your Mum how much you love her than with your own voice on a Recordable Card or by surprising her with one of her favourite songs?
We can’t all remember every present we’ve been given, but we usually do keep the cards, so personalise, make some noise and have some fun with Mum this Mother’s Day! 
Available at leading retailers, newsagencies and gift stores across Australia.

RRP Recordable Cards $9.99 / Song Cards $7.99 / Personalised Cards from $3.95

Hallmark proudly supports breast cancer research by donating annually to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

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