Taking The Chaos Out Of Kids Parties

Do you have a little one with a birthday coming up soon? Maybe they’ve already begged you to have a party for their birthday this year, and they want to invite every single one of their friends. Maybe you’re tearing your hair out at the prospect! You can’t fit about thirty 5 year olds in your house, and there’s no way you’re cleaning up the mess! However, you can immediately put those worries to rest, it’s time to take the chaos out of the much beloved birthday bash. Here’s some of the best tips we’ve collected in our time.

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Find a Venue

If you can’t fit a bunch of noisy kids in your house, and let’s face it a lot of people don’t want to, try looking for somewhere else to host a party. This is easier than you think; simply hiring out a local hall for the day works out, and sometimes you can even use a park. Whatever is nearest to you that’s bigger than your house is worth looking into.

Compare rates as well to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Some places will even cater for you if you pay a little extra, and that’s often worth the money if both you and the kid have got a busy day tomorrow!

Have Some Structure

If you’re needing to run a kid’s party in the near future, make sure you’ve got a good plan in place before you get really stuck in. You see, when you have some structure to your day out with the little ones, you’re going to have a much easier time of cleaning up any messes (including wrapping paper and vomit…), and you’ll keep their attention for longer.

If you’re stuck for ideas, look into some of these Kids party activities for some inspiration. All kids like the same kinds of things: pass the parcel, a bouncy castle, musical chairs, and having a run around outside. No matter what you choose to do, make sure you’re taking part as well to keep an eye on things!

Cook Finger Foods

Kids can be big eaters, but they’re not going to want or need a three course meal on the birthday dinner table. As long as there’s some cake and some cakes they’re going to be happy. However, you couldn’t go consciously allowing them to stuff their faces with this alone, so make sure you add some easy variety to the dinner menu.

Something like mini sausage rolls will be simple to put together and simple to digest for anyone under the age of 10. Some mini pizzas can even be made by the kids themselves, so put out some ingredients and decorating tools if you don’t want to make the effort yourself!


Taking the chaos out of kids parties is simpler than you think, even when you don’t know what the little ones are going to get up to. Try some of these ideas if you’re already feeling the stress.


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