How To Make Sure You Get The Engagement Ring You’ll Love

Couple engaged
Is your man sending out vibes that he’s about to propose? How exciting! However, any future bride-to-be will naturally worry about one thing ahead of the big question: the engagement ring.

It’s only a piece of jewellery but it does happen to be one of the most important things that will ever be given to you. It symbolises your love and commitment. And it’s something that you’ll be wearing every single day for a long, long time.

Whilst your future fiancé might want to take care of this decision by himself, there’s no reason you can’t point him in the right direction. Besides, he might be purposely giving off those signals of an imminent proposal so that you will nudge him towards the right choice. It’s a hugely important decision and you’ll both want him to arrive at the right solution.

Sticking on the current trends is obviously a good starting point and will give you both a few ideas. There’s a good chance that he’s already looked into what rings are popular right now. Push him in the right direction by casually slipping in your preferences on colours, shapes and sizes.

Popular styles are just a starting point and you’ll probably have a few ideas about the perfect ring already floating around in your head. The gesture is more important than the ring itself but if you’re getting one anyway it might as well be one you like.

In most cases, diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend. There is something special about diamond engagement rings in general, but the added sense of tradition certainly plays a part in their allure. The sparkles are the perfect way to get the process of preparing for marriage off to the perfect start.

Most men are aware of the charm that diamonds have. If this is your preferred route then give him a few hints to confirm the suspicions that he already has. Without giving the game away, you will want to make it quite obvious. Not all guys register the subtle clues.

Consider casually bringing up engagement rings in conversations with your man. One way is by admiring or commenting on one owned by a celebrity. You can mention an article about the benefits of pre-owned engagement rings or share a story of a friend who bought one that looked stunning. By dropping hints, you can guide your boyfriend toward the ring you want while allowing him to choose one that fits his budget.

Money is an object, but the chances are that your man hasn’t just come to the decision of marriage hastily. In his eyes at least, you are his soul mate and he is ready to commit his love and life to you forever. He will have saved up money for this important purchase. However, if you are wary of finances then you can always slip it into a conversation. At the same time, though, you shouldn’t put him off buying an expensive ring if that’s his motive. Remember, he’s only doing it as a display of his affection.

Basically, the key to getting a ring you’ll love is to know what you want and then give the right hints to ensure that’s what you get.

In the grand scheme of things, you’ll probably grow to love the ring no matter what. After all, it is a symbol of your love and future life together. Still, a girl knows what she likes. There is a good chance that your future hubby has taken note of your likes and dislikes but there is absolutely no harm in reiterating those preferences.

Now you’ve just got to wait until he plucks up the courage to propose. Remember to act surprised!

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