Everyday Mistakes That Can All Add Up To Ruin Our Mental Health

In the fast paced, increasingly impersonal and rigorously demanding 21st century, nobody in their right mind could deny that life can take a toll. Sometimes it feels like all we can do to get out of bed in the morning and stare down the day. In an era where people are working longer and harder than ever, yet still struggling to make ends meet, where airbrushed images of human perfection are sold to us as an achievable norm that we’re failing to achieve and where our everything we endure never quite feels like enough, it’s little wonder that more and more of us are feeling depressed, anxious and with poor self image and problems with mental health are on the rise. As hard as we all try to stay superficially healthy for the sake of our appearances; a slim body white teeth and moisturised skin are only one piece of the complex jigsaw puzzle that is our health.

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Every day our busy and hectic lifestyles push us to make mistakes that can only exacerbate the damage to our mental health that day to day life inflicts upon us. We can find ourselves unknowingly damaging our personal wellbeing on a daily basis by falling into these quotidian bad habits and failing to address them…

Suffering in silence

Decades of insufficient discussion and awareness of mental health issues has warped many people’s perception of mental health as they were growing up. Thus, many people feel that we should “push through” mental health issues as though we were “feeling the burn” at the gym. There’s no nobility in suffering in silence. If your anxiety, depression, self esteem issues or any other mental health problem are impinging on your day to day life you need to see a clinical psychologist as soon as possible. Only by receiving the correct treatment can you hope to get better. Just as you can’t rid your body of influenza by force of will, neither can you rid yourself of mental health issues through the power of fortitude.

Relying on convenience foods

When we work long hours and have a busy life outside of work, many of us can find ourselves turning to high fat, high sugar, high sodium convenience foods which can not only wreck the good we’re doing to our bodies but also damage our mental health. There’s a strong link between our diet and our mental health and it’s vital that we eat well in order to stay healthy in every sense. Additionally, junk food can ruin the health of your teeth too. Don’t skip dental check-ups and make sure you get your crown fitted and dental implants in greenbelt if needed.

Not getting enough sleep

It’s impossible to underestimate the importance of getting plenty of sleep in maintaining good mental health, and while our hectic lifestyles are often rarely conducive to it, we all need to be getting at least 7 hours’ sleep a day.

Allowing unhelpful thoughts to go unchallenged

Do you ever feel like your own worst enemy? We can very often find that unhelpful or destructive thoughts pop into our heads and threaten to derail our self image and self esteem. These thoughts need not continue to wreak havoc upon our mental health. Undergoing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can be extremely useful in catching these unhelpful thoughts and subjecting them to a logical scrutiny to which they can rarely stand up.

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