Exterior Home Improvements That Will Wow Your Neighbours and Visitors

A lot of people focus solely on interior improvements when it comes to their home. After all, the inside is what you see most often. Whenever you invite guests over, you spend very little time outdoors and most of their attention will be on the insides of your house. The type of decor you use, the furniture and the designer paintings and upholstery that you’re using are immediately noticeable and will always be in the corner of people’s eyes. The outside, on the other hand, is only seen for a brief moment and likely won’t be remembered.


Why the exterior still matters

The exterior can, however, really set the tone on what the inside of your home will look like. If you’ve ever been to a home show or gone to view a new property, then the first thing you’ll notice is how modern or traditional the property looks like on the outside. If you see a worn fence, paint that is flaking off or a lawn that hasn’t been tended to for months, then it’s not going to give you a good impression of what the inside of the house looks like.

So to help you ensure that your guests get a good first impression when they visit (and to make you the envy of your neighbours) here are some fantastic exterior improvements that will bump up that all-important house value and welcome your guests in with open arms.

Mind the design of your roof

Your roof might not be the first thing your guests see, but it’ll certainly be in their vision unless your house is three or more stories high. The roof tends to have a much darker or lighter shade than the rest of your exterior which makes it stand out from the rest. This is important because it draws attention to both the design of the roof and the exterior. If one stands out and the other falls short of expectations, then it creates an imbalance which isn’t pleasant to the eye. Consider some luxury options such as slate roofing. Not only does it give your roof a beautiful and clean look, but it also ensures that your roof will last a long time and not fall apart from seasonal wear and tear.

Tend to your lawn or reduce it

If you don’t have time to mind your garden or yard, then get rid of it. Dig up the soil or clear out the grass and replace it with stone, concrete or tiles and place some outdoor furniture there instead. If you do have time to tend to your yards, then make sure you’re taking good care of it. Replace old and worn flower beds, mow the lawn and clean the fences (or outright replace them if they aren’t looking up to par). If you really want to keep an outdoor yard and some plants but can’t find the time, then consider hiring a gardener for a while. Not only can they help you take care of it, but they’ll also offer you advice on how to make your yard look fantastic for when guests visit.

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