A Womans Guide To Getting Holiday-Ready


It might be the winter here in the Land Down Under, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t holiday season. After all, the perfect time to get away is when the winter weather isn’t at its best. Before you can jet off to your tropical paradise, however, there are a few things you need to take care of to ensure you have a great time. Otherwise, the vacation might not go as planned, and you may regret boarding the plane. As unrealistic as it sounds, it can happen! To make sure it doesn’t, here is a guide to preparing for your next holiday in the sun.

Very jealous!

Hit The Gym

Women have a complicated relationship with their bodies, and it is never as complex as when on holiday. Even if you like the way you look, beach envy can skew the image and play with the brain. So, there is never any harm in toning up a little before hitting the beach. There is no reason to kill your body, because it isn’t very healthy to go hell for leather. Still, a couple of sessions a week should give you a lift the next time you throw on a bikini or bathing suit. A tip: mix cardio with weights to maximise results.


The majority of women take care of their skin on a daily basis, but the routine needs stepping up a notch. After all, pretty much every inch of it will be on show from the start to the end of the vacation, which can be a daunting prospect. A regular moisturising routine, though, should make it less off-putting as the cream will iron out any kinks. Plus, the longer you do it before the holiday begins, the better your skin will appear on the beach. To go one step further, you can avoid regular showers and exfoliate.


Visit The Dentist

“Why do I want to visit the dentist before a getaway?!” It’s a question worth asking because it doesn’t seem necessary. The truth is it is almost mandatory as this is the age of Instagram. Anything you do on holiday will be captured on camera and posted on social media for everyone to see. For those people whose pearly whites lack a bit of maintenance, it can be embarrassing. Thankfully, dentists can take care of any imperfections to ensure you have a smile a Hollywood star would envy. Take that Tom Cruise!

Go Shopping

Okay, so this isn’t completely a women’s guide because everyone has to stock up on holiday-wear. Still, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth! Because the weather is bound to be hotter, don’t be afraid to try summer clothes. The good news is that they are out of season for now, which makes them cheaper. The great news is that spring and summer are only around the corner, so they are an excellent investment! On a serious note, to look good is to feel good, and you don’t want to spend ages preparing for a holiday only to feel unattractive.

With these tips, there are no excuses not to have fun in the sun this winter.

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