How to: be germ free on the go


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When you have children (boys especially), you quickly realise how easy it is for them to catch every germ/ cold/ virus that is going around.

Another thing you quickly realise is kids put their hands on or in almost every yukky thing you can imagine.

Did you know germs can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours? Think of every surface you and the kids touch every day. Hand rails, escalator rails, buttons, trolleys, door handles, phones, money etc. Anything that has been handled by anyone else could have germs on it.

We all know how important good hygiene is but it’s not always easy to find somewhere to wash your hands and water alone doesn’t kill germs. How many public toilets have you been to where they have run out of or don’t have any soap?

Of course, while you are out and about, you or the kids inevitably get hungry and you want a snack or a meal but you can’t find somewhere or sometimes, it’s not practical to wash your hands.

This is where having liquid hand sanitiser, like the new Palmolive Hand Sanitiser, on hand comes into play. You don’t need to find the nearest toilets (which really just adds to the germs you are trying to get rid of). Just squeeze a small amount into your hands and rub it in. No more germs!

As you can see above, I keep a bottle of the on-the-go Palmolive Hand Sanitiser in my bag when the need arises. Small and convenient, it easily fits in my handbag or if you have little ones, a baby bag.

It would have come in handy when changing boy’s nappies in the car, at the park or anywhere out and about.

Little kids are always putting their hands in their mouths and continuous hand washing isn’t good for little ones skin.

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Unlike other brands on the market, the Palmolive Hand Sanitiser doesn’t have a strong, unpleasant smell or leaves your hands sticky. It’s available in three fruit-inspired fragrances: Fig & Coconut, Crisp Green Apple and Raspberry. At only $3.69 a bottle, it’s silly not to have one on hand.

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The Palmolive Hand Sanitiser also comes in a handy 250ml pump bottle (RRP $9.58), which is ideal for the kitchen, office or near the babies change-table. It comes in a Crisp Green Apple scent, which smells lovely.

I have really dry hands, so I can’t wash my hands too often or they end up sore. The Palmolive Hand Sanitiser has helped with this immensely, especially when used in the kitchen just before preparing dinner or making snacks for the boys.

The new range is available now in major and local supermarkets, as well as selected pharmacies. For further information on the new Palmolive range, please visit

Do you use a hand sanitiser?

# This is a sponsored post for Palmolive as per our disclosure policy.

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