Travel Tips for Your Next Overseas Adventure


Travelling overseas is not something everyone gets to do in their lifetime, so if you do get the opportunity, you want to make sure you have all bases covered so it’s one memorable trip. You spend a lot of money, use a lot of resources, and dedicate a lot of time on preparation and research, so how do you make sure it’s all worth it? Taking note of the few basic travel tips below will help you to feel like a travel pro when it comes to adventuring abroad.

Become OCD with Details

This is not an exaggeration. The more details and back-up plans you have in place, the more at ease you’ll be on your trip, and the more efficiently you’ll be able to deal with unexpected hiccups. Firstly, take out travel insurance, because even if you have a claim rejected, there are companies such as Super Claims Australia that will step in to help. Always take a couple of ATM cards with you – travel cards are a great option – and stick a spare credit card in your luggage. Take copies of all your documents, and leave a copy at home with family just in case of emergency. And medication wise; take everything! You probably won’t even touch a large portion of it, but when that spicy, not-entirely-sure-what-I’m-ordering-here lunch starts making your stomach turn, you’ll be glad for the 3.5kg of tablets in your bag!

Go with the Flow

Travelling anywhere overseas can be daunting, especially when it’s to a non-English speaking country. How are you going to ask for help if you’re in trouble? Will you find sights, or your hotel if you get lost? How will you order dinner? Firstly, stop dwelling on the potential problems or you’ll never go anywhere! Yes, there will be communication problems, and yes, there will be moments when you feel like curling up into the foetal position and crying. Don’t let frustration get the best of you though. Instead, take it in your stride, and remind yourself that you are actually on an adventure not everyone gets the opportunity to go on.


Some people love getting lost when they’re travelling overseas, but other people, not so much. Buying a map of the city you’re in should be one of the first things you do when you reach your destination. Don’t rely on your phone’s GPS, as data usage can be very expensive overseas, even on roaming, and not everywhere has Wi-Fi. Keep it on you at all times, and make sure to locate and mark your hotel on it too, that way you can whip it out when getting a taxi (or tuk-tuk or motorbike!).

Overseas travel might only come around once for some people, and for those that go all the time, it just gets more addictive with each trip. Although it is definitely one of those learn as you go experiences, keeping the above tips in mind when travelling overseas will go a long way in helping you to not feel like so much of a ‘tourist’.

What are some of your best words of wisdom for overseas travel? Leave your answers below.

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  • Rashida

    Definitely book yourself in for a few tours but with prior research. Hotels do have these facilities but most often the prices are higher than the local travel agencies. Tours are one of the best ways of exploring a new place.

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