Get Your Garden Gorgeous For Those Summer Nights

As the days get longer, the nights grow warmer and now is the time for those fire pits to make an appearance. The sunset over the garden in the evening is one of life’s simplest pleasures, so getting your garden ready for the summer months is crucial for your enjoyment.

Your garden can be so much more than just flowers and grass. Inviting your friends round and enjoying some outdoor social entertainment is a staple of the summer, and you don’t have to spend too much money overhauling the garden to get it ready! It’s all about the personal touches this summer and as those evenings start to warm up a little, it’s time for you to get ready for garden goodness.

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Furnish: Your garden needs a seating area for your guests. Buying seating suites like these for your garden can give it a fantastic touch as a conversation pit is one of those things that can simply start the conversation! If your garden is big enough, have your seating area on top of coloured cement tiles on the patio. This way, if anyone spills any drinks it’s a much easier clean up! You can personalise your furniture with lavender or rosemary twisted around table legs for a fragrant touch.

Tidy: Chances are you’ve neglected your garden a little over the winter months, so now is the time to dust off the strimmer and the mower and clean up a little. Mulch the flower beds and get rid of all the weeds. You cannot possibly entertain in a garden overgrown with dead plants. It won’t take long and the garden will be tidy and ready for entertaining.

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Scent: Gardens should smell of flowers instead of fertiliser. Planting honeysuckle, jasmine or phlox can give your garden an amazing fragrance. Imagine sitting with a low fire going near the conversation pit and scents of honeysuckle wafting over you all!

Fire: Summer days may be warm but the summer nights tend to cool right down. Having a fire pit like this one in the garden can not only create a fantastic ambience, but it makes the garden feel so cosy. It’s not just the warmth either, it’s the crackling of the flames!

Lights: Being outdoors, you need to have lighting. It’s an essential for your garden and if you add solar lights dotted around the garden, you don’t even have to worry about your electricity. String solar fairy lights like these ones around the fencing in your garden to create a twinkly affair in the evenings. Once the sun goes down, the lights come up!

Comfort: Scatter cushions, blankets and rugs are an essential for your comfort in the garden. Lay rugs on the grass for evening picnics and keep the cushions for that late-night star gazing you love so much.

Your garden can be just as cosy and entertainment worthy as the inside of your house, it just takes a little time and effort put it so those summer nights make the memories that matter!


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