Why You Need A Stick Vacuum Cleaner


A stick vacuum is a quick and easy way to keep your house and floors tidy. It’s easy to use, portable to different places of the home and still cleans effectively. Vacuums can be such an awkward heavy item to drag around the house. Luckily we now have the option of stick vacuums like the Vax Slimline range.

I have had a cordless stick vacuum for five years now and have found them so handy for everyday use, especially considering we have three boys, two dogs and a cat to clean up after.

I really wish I had one when the boys were toddlers, it would have made life soo much easier! To say they were full on in those days would be an understatement. We had flour, cereal, Curash powder (to name a few things) tipped over the floor. It seemed they knew when I was otherwise occupied with things like going to the toilet or putting a load of washing on. To quickly gab a stick vacuum off the wall and clean up the mess would have been great, instead of getting the big vacuum out of the utility cupboard and drag it into the kitchen or wherever the darlings had made their disaster zone.

After many years of use, here are my top reason why you need a stick vacuum:

Easy storage and Accessibility

Stick vacuums are easy to mount onto a wall and can easily be stored in areas like beside the fridge, in the laundry or behind a door. You can’t do that with a regular vacuum, as they are usually big, awkward and bulky.

A stick Vacuum combines the suction of a traditional vacuum and the easy use of a cordless vacuum. Most allow for adequate carpet cleaning, but most customers primarily use it on bare and hard floors.


Stick vacuums can access areas a regular vacuum can’t

Ever tried getting into a tight spot with a regular vacuum but the stick is too big or the hose gets stuck on something? Stick vacuums are great for accessing hard to reach areas like behind furniture (ie. tv units), beside appliances and cabinets.

Many convert into a handheld vacuum for cleaning your stairs or cars.

Easy to Manoeuvre 

A stick vacuum is essential for vacuuming up small spills and crumbs (yes, I have been known to use it to suck up the kid’s mess on the table).


Reaching cobwebs and dust around cornices and ceiling fans is a breeze with a stick handle and a duster or upholstery attachment.

Cleaning couches and chairs are a lot easier with a hand held vacuum, especially getting into crevices.

A quick run of the stick vacuum over the floor in the kitchen/dining everyday continues to keep the floor clean and less attractive to pests.

Slat blinds are easily dusted using a stick vacuuming. I’ve found trying to do it with a regular vacuum to be somewhat cumbersome and awkward.

Another use is vacuuming along the tracks in sliding doors and windows and flyscreens.

I hope these tips give you some ideas on how practical and essential stick vacuums are. You will be lost without one!

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  • Amy

    I completely agree! Although my stick vacuum is actually a mini shop vac! I absolutely love that I can suck up… whatever I need to 😀

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