Your Complete Guide to Jewellery and Everything You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Piece

Selecting the perfect jewellery can be a hard thing to do, especially if you have no idea what aspects to consider during the purchase. It’s not just that the jewellery is expensive but simply because you can just decide the right one for you. There are numerous options available out there, and jewellery trends continue to change with every passage of time. Apart from that, there is also the element of cost. It is important to ensure that the jewellery of your choice goes along with your budget. The cost of the accessory should match its quality or else you will be taking yourself for a ride. These are just but a few of the things you need to consider when it comes to purchasing a piece of jewellery. However, this article offers a comprehensive guide to what you need to take into account when you are looking for the right accessory to match your personality and outfit.

1. Identify Your Needs

Before heading out to buy a piece of jewellery, you first need to figure out what you are looking for. Create a list of items you think you need. From there, you can begin to narrow down your selection to the items that you need the most. This is important because it helps with budgeting. You can also conduct some online research on what is available in the market and what accessories fit your needs. If you are able to determine what your needs are, it will be much easier for you to find what you are looking for.

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2. Style

Style is an important factor when it comes to purchasing a piece of jewellery for your outfit. You need to look at your wardrobe first so you can know the type of jewellery you will need and determine the style it represents. To find jewellery that matches your style, you will need to consider if there are other accessories of sentimental value to you. If you are the type of person who wears a single jewellery every day, it can be difficult to choose another accessory because you are emotionally attached to what you already have. In such a case, the decision to choose another piece of jewellery becomes even more difficult. If so, the most important thing is to find an accessory which you can layer with the sentimental piece for complementary purposes. For instance, if you always wear a silver locket with a long chain, you can choose to add a bar necklace with a shorter chain to complement the look.

On the other hand, if you are a person who likes to make a statement with what you wear, you should stock up statement pieces to keep the spirit moving. Nonetheless, it is imperative to put on the right outfit in order to make the right statement. When you wear simple attire and not clothing with overly exciting colours and patterns, you allow your jewellery to stand out, giving your entire look the wow factor. You may decide to look for a bracelet to match your necklace – but always remember not to overdo it. Stock up your pieces so you have enough to wear every day. Your jewellery should match your simple daytime outfits.

Your statement jewellery (whether it’s earrings or necklace) should be bold and large in size. The good thing about a statement piece is you don’t need to worry about the kind of outfit to go with it. All you need is something basic to allow the jewellery to stand out. You can match the necklace with your dress or the neckline of your top. Statements pieces for earrings and necklaces should be the same design or style to prevent clashing.

Lastly, if you are the kind of person who loves a geeky sort of schoolgirl look, you need to find something that matches your styles as well. This preppy look is about looking adorable and well-groomed. Heart necklaces and monograms are the best kinds of accessories to go with for this style.

3. Pay Attention to Necklines

You can easily throw off your look if your jewellery clashes with your neckline. On the other hand, a necklace that matches your neckline accentuates your outfit and creates an enhanced look. If you are putting on a tube top or strapless dress, you can pair it with a necklace or a chunky choker which sits tight on your neck section. One-sleeved dresses, as well as the off-shoulder shirts, are complemented using large dangly necklaces that are complexly designed. If you put a collared or high-necked shirt on, you can pair it with a huge pendant on a long chain. Dresses and low-necked shirts can be worn with shorter necklaces which correspond with your neckline.

4. Mixing Categories

You can always purchase different kinds of jewellery together, for instance, earrings and a necklace can match and you have no option but to buy them together. Then again, you also don’t have to. You may decide to buy the jewellery pieces separately, especially when it comes to the statement pieces. When combining jewellery, be careful to mix only pieces of the same categories and do not make a clash. For instance, gems match with gems. Shiny gems on a chain with monograms earrings do not match. An example of what can work excellently is the name necklace with plain hoop earrings of similar materials. Nevertheless, wearing a name necklace with name earring is overdoing the entire thing. So you need to know that there is a fine line between making and breaking it when it comes to combining different jewellery categories. All you need to do is to identify the signs of piecing the jewellery with each other and ensuring that you are comfortable in what you wear.

5. Consider Budget

When it comes to choosing the right jewellery, you want to remain within budget. If you already have a piece in mind, make sure you have the money to buy it. If the budget is too high for you, you can consider putting some money into your savings accounts until there is enough to get you the necklace you want. If you get a raise or a bonus at work, you can reward yourself by putting the money toward the piece you believe will make you proud every time you look at it.

Even when your budget is somewhat limited, you can look for jewellery that fits your current budget. There are a variety of pieces you can find at different costs and you may just be lucky to discover that you can get something cool even with your limited budget.

6. Reputable Supplier

When searching for the right accessories, you’ll also need to take your time searching for the right suppliers. A good jewellery supplier will assist you to identify something that matches your style as well as your budget. Before you can select a seller or supplier, it is important to take all the time you need because such a decision is as good as identifying the right accessories. You can consult the internet sources or seek reviews from people who have bought jewellery before. These could be your friends, colleagues, or relatives. Find out about their reputation, dependability, and ability to supply quality accessories.

7. Protect Your Piece

After you have identified what it is you are looking for, you are now more than ready to take the plunge. So, what is the next step? After identifying your piece of accessory, make sure you ask the jeweller if there are any service plan for the purchase. The warranty for the jewellery piece should cover aspects such as a yearly cleaning by the jeweller. The service plan should also include the cost of repairs such as prong retipping, ring sizing, and rhodium plating. For expensive pieces, insurance is something you may need to consider. It does not make sense to think about all the negative things that may happen, but it is important to have a plan that would help you avoid loses. In most cases, renters and homeowners insurance policies cover jewellery of a certain amount, so make sure you check with your insurance provider or agent.

Final Word

The above are some of the pointers you will need to consider when looking for the right jewellery. You first need to identify what you want before you can decide to shop for one. Although there are a lot of jewellery shops out there, you need to make sure you do your homework so you can be confident you are choosing the right shop. Find out about their products, their service plans, and the cost of their items. Read reviews about the shops to find out what other clients have to say about their products. That way, even if you have a higher budget, you’ll be confident you are putting your money in the right place.

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