Get Summer Festival Fashion-Ready

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As summer continues to draw nearer and nearer, festival season is almost upon us. Regardless of what event you are going to, you will want to get your outfits ready. Of course style is important, but you also want to get the practical balance right as well. Remember, you will be outside all day long at the mercy of the elements and often surrounded by sweaty rockers constantly jumping up and down! So, here are a few summer festival fashion tips to spark off your imagination and possibly get you running to the nearest shopping mall!

Maintain Your Sense of Style

Just because you are going to a festival, it doesn’t mean your own sense of style should go out the window! The best way to approach festival fashion is to add a touch of rock ‘n’ roll to your own outfits. You will want to be fairly casual most of the time at a festival, so you probably have the basic plain t-shirts, skinny jeans, denim shorts and sneakers. Add some rocky accessories to complement what you already have and you have a great starting point.

Add an Edge with a Statement Piece

When you are walking around at a festival, you want to give off the impression of being a bohemian spirit with an edgy vibe. Choose a bold statement piece, whether it is some lace-up sandals, short shorts or a leather jacket depending on your personal preference. If you are looking for bold accessories, you could choose to go for skull bracelets or chunky metal necklaces. Remember, you don’t want to go overboard so just choose one or two elements to give you the edge you are looking for.

Make Your Look More Authentic

If you just choose an off-the-shelf band t-shirt from your average high street store, you are likely to look like at least 20 other people at the festival. There is nothing wrong with a t-shirt with a design on it, but you should try to make it authentic by going to your local vintage shop and browsing the shelves. Complete the look with a worn-looking leather jacket, jean shorts and some converse.

Forget the Flip-Flops

Though the sun may be shining, you are probably nowhere near the ocean so you should forget about the flip-flops. Remember, you are likely to be traipsing around over muddy fields, and standing in the middle of crowds where you won’t be getting a great deal of personal space. Instead, you should stick to ankle boots, simple flats or sneakers that aren’t too flimsy. When you are at a festival, there is nothing wrong with your shoes looking a little beat-up.

Don’t Forget Layers
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When the sun goes down, you will be thankful that you brought an extra layer or two. Bring something that you can tie around your waist during the day like a denim jacket, or a scarf that it big enough to wrap around your shoulders during the night.



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