Will You Breastfeed Your New Born Baby?


Pregnant women are too busy dealing with a birth plan to think about anything else, right? Delivering a healthy and happy baby is the end goal, and that is a fact. But, giving birth doesn’t stop in the hospital. Once your new son or daughter arrives, it is your job to nurture them and keep them safe. Therefore, one of the leading topics of discussion is breastfeeding. Some women do it and others don’t because it’s a personal decision.

To help you make an informed choice, below are the pros and cons.

Pro: It’s The Healthiest Food For A Child

People will tell you about the horror stories, but they neglect to mention that breast milk is full of nutrients. With over 200 substances ranging from protein to vitamins and hormones, baby formula doesn’t come close. The benefits for a child are pretty substantial, especially when the nutrients fortify their immune system. As a rule, breast milk is healthier for a baby than any other form of food. As such, it will keep your young child happy and healthy, which is all a mother wants. It is your body, but the child should always come first.

Con: Physical Injuries

Mothers put their bodies through a lot and don’t want to experience any more stress. Sadly, a baby that latches on is going to cause a few problems. The most common one is a sore nipple from the daily stretching and sucking. But, inverted nipples are also a side-effect of feeding a child breast milk. In case you aren’t aware, this is where the nipple goes back into the breast. For many women, it’s an ailment which is painful and embarrassing. Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast that can lead to infection. Mastitis is often both a miserable and painful experience – it usually makes you feel unwell, very tired and makes your breasts hurt a lot. Many women explain the symptoms as like having the flu. Of course, scarring is another injury to watch out for if you’re a mother. What with stretch marks and the baby weight, the thought of putting your body through additional stress and pain won’t appeal. 

Pro: Good For Health And Lifestyle

Although injuries occur, breastfeeding tends to help the body recover quicker from pregnancy. Very Well points out that breast feeders shed their baby weight within a shorter space of time. Plus, there are studies which suggest breastfeeding reduces the risk of cancer. Moving onto the lifestyle aspect, there is no doubt that being a mother is expensive. Kids have to eat, and paying for formula costs a pretty penny. Breast milk is free, and that is money in your pocket. And, it is no longer socially awkward.

Con: Less Sleep

Who cares, comes the cry? Parents don’t get any sleep anyway. True, the days of sleeping in are over. But, mums and dads usually share the load depending on the other’s circumstances. If it’s your turn to stay in bed, your hubby can get up and deal with the crying baby. Actually, they can’t if your breastfeeding as you are the only source of food. Therefore, you are on call morning, noon and night. Bottle fed babies also tend to be more settled, as they are fuller for longer. 

In the end, the pros tend to outweigh the cons, but it’s your decision.


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