Girls Need Big Diamonds






Image by Thorn Yang

As Marilyn Monroe once said, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  From Tiffany to Princess there are endless cuts that offer the most sparkle and show off this natural stones clarity.  Lusted after by endless amounts of women, the diamond is one of the must have items in your jewellery box at some point in your life.  But if you are tired of waiting for Mr Right to swoop in with an emerald cut engagement ring, how can you bag yourself a little piece of this magic gem?

The first, most obvious and most expensive way to get yourself some luxury bling, is to head to the world’s most famous jeweller, Tiffany’s.  Could anything be more seductive than those little pale blue boxes with their white satin bows?  We think not.

A Tiffany diamond will set you back a small fortune but is the best way to ensure you are buying a gem of real quality, plus with the company’s prestige you aren’t just buying yourself a piece for life, you are purchasing a family heirloom to hand down from mother to daughter, or daughter in law.  Of course you’ll need a hefty wedge of cash in the shop and might be smart to invest in one of these Liberty Safes whilst you are at it!

If you don’t have a 4 figure budget then look at going wholesale or heading direct to a diamond trader.  You can purchase a single diamond and then go to a jeweller with your own design.  This will save you money as Tiffany pricing includes their unique designs and manufacturer, and of course their world famous hallmark, it will also give you a completely bespoke ring or earrings which are totally unique for you.  Get yourself dressed in black then show of your finery!

Buying second hand is an option but you need to go to a reputable dealer for this and ensure all the correct paperwork is present and available. Buying online is a big mistake and whilst there are plenty of honest dealers on the internet, there are a lot of sharks too.  Always go and see the diamond yourself and arrange to have it individually graded.  This isn’t expensive and well worth the small investment for peace of mind.  

If you can’t make it, fake it! OK, so you will always know that sparkling rock isn’t the real deal, but most of your friends won’t.  The russians make some of the best imitation diamonds in the world and these are something you can buy online because you know the secret! One area to be careful of is the quality of silver or gold the diamond is being set in.  There are some companies who charge a decent whack then deliver you a poorly made ring or necklace.  It’s one thing having a shiny imitation diamond, but if the quality of precious metal is poor or gives you a green finger, then you aren’t fooling anyone.  

However you get your diamond fix, have fun and enjoy it.  All girls deserve to own something which makes them feel a million dollars, no matter where it came from.

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