Golden Rules For A Gorgeous Summer Garden

Summer has arrived, and what better time to don your gardening gloves? Is your garden looking a little tired, unruly or unkempt after the chilly months? If so, here are some golden rules to follow for a gorgeous summer garden. You don’t have a green-fingered maestro to achieve stunning results.



Preparation is key when it comes to gardening. Before you start planting, sowing, or landscaping, you need to do your research and get the ground ready. If your planters and beds are full of weeds or dead leaves, your floral display may not reach the dizzy heights you’re envisioning. You’ll need to clear out and tidy up before you do anything else. Once your beds are free from unwanted weeds, you can start preparing the soil. It’s wise to use organic fertilisers to encourage growth and nourish your plants. Make sure you plant seeds at the right time of year. Look for advice online, or read the instructions if you’ve purchased bags of seeds. It’s also essential to choose the perfect location for your plants. Some prefer a shady spot. While others need direct sunlight.


Maintenance is not the most fun element of gardening, but it is a must. If you have a lawned garden, make sure you stay on top of mowing duties. Wait for a dry day, and don’t cut your grass too short. Keep an eye on your flower beds and don’t forget to water your plants on a regular basis. Cut away weeds and take cuttings from your flowers as the season comes to an end.

Keep your patios and decking areas clean and tidy. Invest in a jet washer if you have a large patio area or a paved driveway. Dust down outdoor furniture, and keep it under covers to protect it from the elements.

You don’t need to devote hours of your weekends to gardening. If you keep tabs on the main jobs, this will save you time in the long-run.


If you want to bring more personality and style to your summer garden, accessories are a perfect investment. You can colour and create a welcoming, inviting space. Match your accessories to the style of your garden. If you have a modern yard with a rattan sofa set, why not buy some free-standing lanterns, outdoor candles and stainless steel planters? If you have a traditional cottage garden, fill milk jugs or watering can with wildflowers or add a chunky wooden bench. Scatter cushions and throws to make a calming chill out area on the decking. Or add fairy lights to your gazebo for evening entertaining.

Summer is an ideal time to get out and enjoy your garden. If your garden isn’t pristine, don’t worry. If you follow these golden rules, your outdoor space will be shipshape in no time at all. Pay attention to the preparation stages to make sure your beds and planters bloom. Clear your garden out and keep on top of maintenance jobs. Add some colour and personality with accessories, furniture, and outdoor lighting. Most importantly, enjoy a wonderful, relaxing summer!

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