Sometimes, it can be easy to forget how lucky we truly are with the lives we have. A few friends have been having a hard time of late and it does bring you back to reality pretty quickly. One friend and her family were homeless for a few weeks after not being able to successfully find a house to rent, another friend is battling cancer with five kids to look after and a husband who works away a lot, another friend lost her husband tragically… it really does make you realise that no matter how crappy a day you are having, someone is always worse off than you.

I know one shouldn’t disregard our feelings when bad things happening to you, these things happen. However, we need to be mindful how we perceive and react to these things happening to us and be grateful for the things in our lives already, which in turn changes those negative thoughts into positive ones.


The last few weeks I have had the two little ones home on and off with a recurring virus, we just can’t seem to shake it and apparently, it can linger for weeks. You start to feel better, then boom… it’s back again. It’s like a mild version of the flu. With symptoms being nausea, vomiting, headache, body aches and a mild cold. Not fun.

So between not being well myself, having to look after sick kids, continue to work (unfortunately, when you work for yourself you don’t get sick leave or pay and have to keep going!) and run the house, I have been feeling extremely overwhelmed and exhausted.

I had a bit of a whinge to my friends on Facebook and they reminded me that I can only do so much and I just need to do one thing at a time and everything will eventually get done and not to be so hard on myself. I guess being a virgo with ocd and perfectionist tendencies has it’s drawbacks!


So what am I thankful for?

*My gorgeous boys. My three wonderful children are my whole world. They make my world have purpose and meaning.

*Kitty the cat and Max the shihpoo. There is nothing better in the world than the unconditional love from an animal. Max instantly lifts my mood and is also my mini personal trainer, making me go for a walk everyday.

* Friends. Life would be incredibly lonely without friends and I am so grateful for the beautiful friends I have.

*My best friend, my  husband. His friendship, support and help means a lot to me.

* My house. I love my house. I have been in it since it was new (two years).  I have access to a country club (gym, pool, tennis courts etc) and is set in lovely gardens and views across farms and hills. It really is in a lovely area. Half an hour from the city and in the middle of two of my favourite beaches. What more could I ask for?

*My work. Being able to work from home, doing what I love has to be the most rewarding experience both from a career and parenting perspective. I am incredibly lucky and and grateful for the opportunities I receive through my work.



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