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As you may know, last September on Father’s Day I lost my mother to an aggressive form of breast cancer. In her honour, I support the three major breast cancer charities in Australia; NBCF, BCNA and the McGrath Foundation.

You might also know that during the month of October, it was Breast Cancer Awareness month where you could purchase specially marked pink products to raise much needed funds for these wonderful charities.

One such company raising funds for the McGrath Foundation as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Ski yoghurt.

As part of its three-year commitment to McGrath Foundation, SKI® has pledged to ‘build a nurse from yoghurt’ by donating $350,000 to fund a McGrath Breast Care Nurse in the local community.

McGrath Foundation CEO, Kylea Tink, is proud of the Foundation’s new friendship with SKI®, particularly given the Foundation’s commitment to people experiencing breast cancer in rural and regional Australia.

Ski yoghurt

“It’s a beautiful synergy – farming communities helping to provide SKI® to supermarkets and consumers giving back to the communities that need it most if ever they require the support of a McGrath Breast Care Nurse,” said Kylea.

With a different yoghurt to suit every taste and occasion, the SKI® range makes it easy for customers to show their support to a worthy cause this Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

  • Packed with protein and rich in calcium, SKI® D’lite is a low fat yoghurt which helps keep you going and going. Available in many delicious fruit flavours, the yoghurts are 99% fat free but 100% delicious
  • A tub of creamy goodness available in six indulgent flavours, SKI® Divine is made with deliciously thick whole milk, and one of the nicest ways to reward yourself!
  • Endorsed by Weight Watchers, the thick and creamy SKI® Soleil range comes with everything you could want from an irresistible snack but without the fat and less than 1% sugar.

SKI® D’lite, Divine and Soleil 1kg yoghurts are available from Woolworths, Coles and IGA, RRP $5.69.


Ski kindly asked if I would like to take part in spreading breast cancer awareness and kindly allowed me to ‘pay it forward’ to a dear friend of mine who is battling cancer herself.

My gorgeous friend has 5 children and her strength, courage and ‘can do’ attitude never ceases to amaze me. She is also a person who will help anyone and will literally give you the shirt off her back if she had to. When I am having a down day, I think about my friend and with all that she is going through still manages to be happy and carry on with her life and it makes me realise how lucky I am.

My mission: I was given a $30 Woolworths voucher for myself to have a “Pink” breakfast (Ski strawberry yoghurt! YUM! and of course the essential coffee) and to write a card/ letter to let my friend know how much inspiration she gives others. I was also given an Endota Spa voucher to send her for some much needed pampering.

20131101_150758 (360x640)


Of course, I can’t be paying it forward without doing it to my wonderful readers as well.

Ski and Mummy of Style and Substance are giving one lucky reader a $30 Woolworths voucher and a Endota Spa voucher  for a 30 minute massage, valued at $65 either to use for themselves or so you can pamper a friend who you think needs some pampering.

Competition is open to all Australian residents. Competition closes midnight 11/11/13. Total prize is worth $95.

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  • Lillian

    The person that I would pay it forward to is my sister. She has always been there for me, good times and bad, providing me with unconditional support in everything I do. She is always hardworking and even though she experiences hardships at work, she doesn’t let them compromise with her desire to help everyone. She has a forgiving nature, and will help anyone in need, even if they (well in my perspective anyways) have not treated her with the same respect she gives them.

    She has always been doing things by the family, ensuring that my parents and I are living well and happy. She notices even the smallest things, and her subtle gestures like sending me a text message wishing me good luck on my exams, shows me just how much she loves and cares for me.

    That’s why I wish to give her something special in return – to thank her all the wonderful and amazing things she has done for me and everyone around her.

  • Stephanie Veljanovska

    My Mother in Law last year for christmas my Toddler was having Surgery on christmas day. She was such a great support and done everything for my husband and I.
    I have lost my own mother a few years ago and she has been simply amazing

  • Narelle Rock

    My step-Mum to be, they are getting married early next year, would love to spoil her before her special day.

  • S Armstrong

    My Mother In Law , she helps out so much with babysitting and just generally being there whenever we need a hand

  • jacinta

    My mum, she is an inspiration always willing to help others.

  • Fiona

    My mum, she’s had a rough few years and she really deserves it!

  • Kaz Purtill-Wright

    I’d pay it forward to my mum most definitely. My mum’s always there if I need her, always there to love her Grandchildren and always there for her patients. I think my mum could do with some spoiling and a 30min massage would be brilliant.

  • Tracy

    I would pay it forward to my bestie, who has just lost her dad after a battle with cancer

  • Ailsa Kierath

    I would Pay it Forward to a stranger in my community who is more needy than I am…..

  • Jane Whelan

    I would pay it forward to my younger sister. She is always doing things for everyone, running a community food program which we volunteer at handing out fruit and veggies and bread to those in need 3 days a week. She has just had her first chemotherapy session for breast cancer. Now is time to show her how much we love and appreciate her and all she does.

  • Lady Tiffany

    To someone who needs it….we have a community shop that doesnt get alot donated….so this would be wonderful to gift on

  • Soni

    My daughter’s crossing lady at school… she just seems really lonely and always eager to talk so I feel she needs something nice to happen to her.

  • Katrina

    My mum, she’d had quite a full on year and deserves a bit of rest and relaxation.

  • Jennifer B.

    My neighbour who’s our local scout leader on top of a full-time job and kids… she’s always working hard for others and thoroughly deserves some ‘me’ time!

  • Jo

    I would select someone who appeared to be having a very bad day. It might be a mum with a screaming toddler in a supermarket. To lift someone’s spirits with a small gesture would probably make their day.

  • Lisa G

    Mum dragged me up good and proper,
    Cuddles, kisses, always on offer.
    Nurse, chauffeur, mentor, friend,
    Sure some days I sent her round the bend.
    I’ll pay if forward with a note hand penned.

  • karina w

    My mother – in advance for her baby sitting duties when our little girl is born!


    To a very good friend of mine who’s in a really bad place right now. Be nice to pay it forward, seeing her smile again.

  • Di

    My best friend who’s little girl was still born. Yes she has beautiful boys too, but this has drained her of all the life she once had. To pay it forward for her, anything to take her mind of things, even for the briefest moment in time.

  • Aaron Kaczmarczyk

    I would pay it forward to my amazing kind and caring girlfriend who every day makes me feel like a million bucks and I can’t thank her enough!

  • Ariane

    My Mum, she’s my best friend and I love to treat her

  • Kerry-anne Doughty

    I’d pay it forward to my friend Linda, because she’s going through Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy for breast cancer, and something like this would lift her spirits immeasurably.

  • Carolyn King

    My beautiful Mother-in-law has had a tough few years with her husband losing his battle with pancreatic cancer and then herself fighting breast cancer, and so far winning. She deserves some pampering.

  • kerry santillo

    I am a breast cancer survivor, 1 year and 5ths. I would love to pay it forward to my beautiful daughter who saved my life ♥ She is my saviour and strength and finishing her second degree, organising for her February wedding and working fulltime and being my rock. She deserves a massive pampering and to be smothered with spoiltness ♥

  • Nichole Mckee

    To my absolute Angel of a Mother-in-Law Maureen…Not one day goes by without her thinking about others except herself…Always putting everybody’s needs ahead of her own…I feel honoured to be part of her Wonderful family, and I’d be lost without her…Love her so much! <3

  • Alex

    At the moment it’s my partner as I’ve just been to a conference overseas and left him with our toddler for 9 days. Or is that paying it backward?!

  • Kyra

    my mum. always been there for me and always helped even if it meant her being less off financially or anything…..

  • jody buhagiar

    To my mum. She has always given me everything I need. I would love to give her a pampering to remember. ♥

  • Wendy Hatton

    To my sister who is a lovely, kind person, often giving a helping hand to others. She has recently had surgery on her foot and has to remain ‘plastered’ and frustratingly immobile for some months. I’d like to cheer her up a little.

  • Jenny M

    Definitely my mum, she’s had a very difficult life and never attempts to pamper herself. A think an amazing massage would be exactly what she needs!

  • Mara

    My best friend- she recently lost her mother to cancer and has been busy working to support her family and stepping into the mothering role of her younger sister who is only 13. She is in need of some rest and relaxation.

  • Erica

    I would love to pay it forward to my Mum, visiting next week from the UK to help me and my family while we have a new born baby in the house (baby arriving next week!)

  • Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes

    A group of my friends just spent the weekend participating in Relay for Life in memory of a loved friend. They raised over $12k. I would give the voucher to my friend who worked tirelessly to organise the event as well as work full time and mother three kids.

  • Simone

    I would pay it forward to my friend who has been there through thick and thing for me. She is the only one who has stood by me through everything. Even when her own mum was sick she came to spend time with me whilst i was sick. She has been there for me through my separating from my husband all whilst dealing with her own separation from an abusive partner. She stood by me through all my drs appointments and rushed from shepp to be by my side when the drs said i had lost my memory through a minor stroke. She is one amazing lady.

  • Holly

    My Mama! Despite working full time and fostering animals, she helps us so much and does not ask for a single thing in return. She is such a hands-on grandma to my squids, and there is no way I’d be able to go to uni if she wasn’t able to spend her day off, looking after Oscar & Abi. She definitely deserves some time out to relax and recharge 🙂

  • ann

    I would give it to a friend of minewho always does nice things for me

  • Mandy

    I try to pay it forward regularly, in small ways. Today I whipped up some salty caramel sauce and jarred it up and dropped it to a friend. A friend whose family are battling some of those challenges your family faced and whilst it doesn’t fix it, it was a little treasure she’d been wanting to try but couldn’t find the time. I wanted to give her that time, a moment to stop and just relax and enjoy. Not earth moving, but all kind gestures make the world go around.

  • Michelle Gray

    My next door neighbour who recently lost her Mum, she hasn’t been getting out of the house much since.

  • Bec @ The Plumbette

    I would pay it forward to a friend who has had so much go wrong in her life this year. This would perk her up and give her hope for Christmas and the New Year ahead.

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