Hair how to: the lob and bob

celebrity bob hairstyles 2014

The hairstyle of 2014 has to be the bob and the longer bob, the lob. As seen on Taylor Swift (who ever thought Taylor would cut her gorgeous blonde locks?!?), Jennifer Lawrence, Rose Burn, Heidi Klume, Olivia Palermo, Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Ciara, Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Danni Minogue and many more it really is THE style to have coming into the Spring/ Summer season.

The Bob:

As you can see from the celebrities above, the bob is a classic style that never goes out of  date and is easy to maintain. It can make a dramatic difference to your whole look, some people look more sophisticated with a bob like Lara Bingle. The new hairstyle looks stunning and emphasizes Lara’s gorgeous eyes and facial features.

lara bingle bob


How to Style:

  1. Apply mousse to damp hair.
  2. Blow dry using a  brush. By taking sections and rolling the brush under the hair while pointing your hair dyer at the brush.
  3. Mist hair with hairspray.

Product Recommendation: 

A Could 9 barrel hairbrush helps create the perfect amount of lift and bend to the ends.

The Lob:

lob hairstyle

The lob is a longer version of the bob and suits practically all face shapes.

  1. To achieve a sleek, sophisticated blow-dry like the celebrities above, you’ll need a paddle brush with thick bristles. Look for a brush that combines natural boar bristles and synthetic bristles to pull the hair straight, like the Cloud 9 paddle brush.
  2. Add volume as needed. If your hair is fine, use a volumizing mousse. Then towel dry your hair to remove excess moisture. If it’s wavy or thick, skip the mousse and start blow-drying right away, using your brush.
  3. Blow dry the hair smooth.To blow-dry, grab a section of hair with your brush, pull the hair straight out from the head and down. Do not bend the hair with the brush or pull the hair under; unless you want to look like a news anchor. Simply pull the hair straight with your brush while holding the blow dryer at an angle.

For soft, sleek and smooth hair we recommend the Tresemme Keratin Smooth range. I use the Tresemme Keratin Infusing shampoo and conditioner and the Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray (brilliant just before blow drying, as well and for flat irons). It has made such a difference to my hair, no dryness and no flyaways!

For a more luxurious range, we love Kérastase CRISTALLISTE Masque Perfecteur Multi-Lumière and Cristal Sculpt, which is a luxurious haircare collection formulated with concentrated LIQUID LIGHT COMPLEX for beautiful hair that is luminous and light. Perfect for maintaining the lob hairstyle.

I loved the lob so much I had my own hair cut to this style:


To help you get your Spring hairstyle look, Cloud Nine and Mummy of Style and Substance are giving away one of three Cloud Nine hair brushes, which are described below. Entry is via the form below.  The giveaway is only open to Australian residents only.


You can choose one of the following:

1 x Cloud Nine Blow Dry Boar Bristle Brush (RRP $82)

  • Luxurious hairbrushes are lovingly handmade in Italy, using only the finest components.
  • Highest quality Boar Bristle, leaving users with shiny, polished and anti-static locks.
  • Super-smooth ceramic barrel helps to cut drying time and leaves users with soft, shiny hair.


1 x  Cloud Nine Professional Paddle Brush (RRP $82)

  • Cloud Nine Professional Paddle Brush is a paddle brush that features a natural rubber cushion and unique structure that enables taming of the most unruly hair.
  • Professional Wooden Paddle Brush.
  • Hairbrushes are lovingly handmade in Italy – A Cloud Nine exclusive.
  • De-Tangle and tame.
  • Exquisite form, function and design.


1 x Cloud Nine Dressing Brush (RRP $72)

  • Cloud Nine Dressing Brush is a handmade Italian hair brush which offers shine and control for all hair types.

What do you think of the bob and lob hairstyles?


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  • Deborah

    What a great prize my hair would love one of these brushes love the pictures above the hair looks great

  • Deborah

    I think the professional paddle brush would be good for my hair sorry forgot to comment above

  • Georgia gamble

    My hair desperately needs a paddlebrush – just chopped it and needs to be tamed!!!

  • Andi Dick

    Love the bob so much I had my hair cut in to one recently.However; I’m resembling Grug most days rather than Coco Chanel as I intended… Could a Cloud Nine brush be what I’m missing? I’d love to bid the fuzzy mushroom look farewell and actually pretend I’m a little elegant! 🙂

  • carly bates

    i would need the paddle brush for my daughter who has thick, long curly hair

  • Jodie

    I would love the Cloud Nine Blow Dry Boar Bristle brush please.
    Anything to cut drying time is a plus for me as I have such thick wavy hair that resembles the Lion King! It takes me 30 mins just to completely dry it.

  • aimee t

    Cloud Nine Professional Paddle Brush, my hair and i have a hate and love relationship! You just never no what it will do one day to the next! With this brush i am guaranteed a good day everyday!

  • Marcia Coventry

    A Cloud Nine Professional Paddle Brush, my hair tangles so easily. Within a few hours it looks like a hot mess.

  • Angela Dennis

    Would love to win the paddle brush, maybe I can finally tame my hair with it

  • rebecca

    Cloud Nine paddle brush would be perfect to keep my children and my hair Tangle Tame and keep the kids smiling instead of screaming .I love the bob and the lob the girls hairs look stunning

  • Tamie

    I need need need the dressing brush to finish off my hair to look just like Jessica Alba’s gorgeous lob!

  • lauren adams

    My hair woild love this brush

  • Tamsin Howse

    I love cloud 9! I’d love to win a brush! Has to be the ceramic brush for me – I have paddle brushes already and could do with more smoothing in my drying!

  • Rebecca

    I would love the Cloud Nine Paddle brush I really need to get a new brush for my locks

  • Meagan cooper

    These brushes look amazing and would give me lots more volume and a bit of va va voom…

  • karen eagle

    with short hair i need a bit of volume so i would chose the dressing brush but they all look exquisite

  • Kellie Pooley

    My girls would love the paddle brush!

  • braidie

    After having used the Cloud 9 wand I am in love with this brand! great hair products!

  • Catherine S

    I’m in desperate need of the Cloud Nine Professional Paddle Brush!! My hair is so out of control at the moment I look more like a WILDLING than the Princess I would prefer to portray!! #GameOfThrones#WildlingHair#HELP!

  • Jo Deller

    I need the Cloud Nine Professional Paddle brush to De-Tangle and tame my long, fine, mane!

  • Helen

    The paddle brush would be great to have for my curly hair

  • Alexandra Munro

    These look amazing, want to try a bob right now haha

  • Mel

    The paddle brush – my hair’s always in need of an untangle!

  • Charl L.

    The Cloud Nine Dressing Brush sounds great. I’d love to have shiny hair and control my locks!

  • Carol Ricardo

    Since I’ve now been inspired to cut my hair off into the Lob style, I really need a paddle brush to ensure great styling!

  • Trish Leonard

    I really need a new paddle brush to tame my messy hair.

  • Christine

    I would love to try your hair brush out

  • Alyce

    Love the brush, looks like it would do an amazing job!

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    i think the paddle brush would tame my hair… but they are all awesome!!

  • Charlene

    I would absolutely love to receive the paddle brush cause my hair is always tangled.

  • Kelly Walter

    I have VERY thick hair and the paddle brush would be wonderful to help me style my hair.

  • Jacqueline Kuzmins

    Cloud Nine Blow Dry Boar Bristle Brush, my 10 yr old is a budding hairstylist, everybody is amazed at the professional results she achieves with her styling. I love to help her evolve her skills with this great product!

  • Letitia Couper-Darr

    I would love to win the cloud nine boar bristle brush to help with the static in my very thick hair

  • Fiona

    I have really fine hair, it knots very easy. A de-tangle brush would be great!

  • Nicole Kent

    The professional paddle brush I love best
    Detangle and tame this knotty birds nest
    Gives my hair body and shine
    Takes it from limp and drab to truly divine!

  • Debra Moody

    Cloud Nine Blow Dry Boar Bristle Brush, I love my hair when it is silky soft and tangle free.

  • Rochelle F

    I’d love to try the Boar Bristle Brush, as I’m sure it would be the only brush which could tame my thick, tangled locks, without leaving me with static that looks as though I’ve been electrocuted!

  • Lorna M

    Cloud Nine paddle brush for sure, no more tugging and pulling and the screams!!!

  • Sharon M

    The Cloud Nine Professional Paddle Brush would be my choice, even though I think I would end up buying all three to tame my hair which has a mind of its own. Talking to it doesn’t help either. Think perm gone wrong only I haven’t had a perm 🙂

  • Maria

    A Cloud 9 paddle would be fantastic for my short bob.

  • Jade

    The blow dry bristle brush! I have a bob which would be easier to style with this brush!

  • Bridget

    Cloud Nine Professional Paddle Brush is what we need to tame that flyaway hair

  • Lauren

    Definitely the Professional Paddle Brush to tame and de-tangle my curly tresses!

  • mary-ann brown

    My husband moans about the amount of my long hair left in my old brush, so a Cloud Nine Brush set, might keep him quiet, then again he’s got no hair, so it’s probably just a bit of jealousy.

  • Michelle V

    I would really love the paddle brush please. With three young girls, they tend to always take my brushes and make them theirs (or their dolls), so if I won, I would hide this one away for just me!

  • Narelle Rock

    Cloud Nine Blow Dry Boar Bristle Brush would be ideal for both myself and my daughter when we need to do our hair

  • Stephanie Veljanovska

    The Paddle brush my hair is crazy to say the least some serious taming is needed

  • Teena Lewis

    The professional paddle brush as it might cut down on the time I have to sit and brush my daughters knotty hair and hopefully limit the tears as well!

  • Diana O

    Paddle Brush, because I’ve already got enough round bristle brushes to last me a lifetime.

  • Di

    Bristle Brush, to give me lift and shape, so I look like I’ve stepped out of a salon every day.

  • jody buhagiar

    Cloud Nine Professional Paddle Brush. My hair gets so knotty and it needs to be tamed.

  • Gayle Richardson

    Is there one that can french braids by itself?!

  • johanne

    I need the Cloud Nine Blow Dry Boar Bristle Brush. perfect for my thin, straight hair that always gets static on the windy day and Shine, well i need all that i can get after years of colouring my hair. Has left it looking a bit tired and lack lastre

  • karina l

    Cloud Nine Blow Dry Boar Bristle Brush would be perfect to get that shiny hair look without the static!

  • Angela

    Preferably one with bristles that are sparsely spread as I have very thick hair and I find it easier to manage that way.

  • Rosemary Harris

    With naturally curly hair (which I have always kept shorter) that lives a life of it’s own, I think the Cloud 9 paddle brush might be the answer. My hair looks different everyday, which of course gives me versatility, but it is not my choice how it looks. One day frizzy, next day curls to the left, then curls to the right. Certainly some sort of paddle needs to be employed to tame it!

  • JocelynR

    A paddle brush wil help me style my crazy mane!

  • Jasmine Stanford

    I would need the paddle brush for both mine and my daughter super thick hair

  • Kerry Mann

    I would love the Cloud Nine Blow Dry Boar Bristle Brush. I have short thick hair but its dull, this would help give me so much volume.

  • Skye

    A Could 9 barrel hairbrush would help me as I am a proud owner of a bob 😉

  • Jennifer B.

    My fine, wispy hair needs the Cloud Nine Professional Paddle Brush to give that smooth professional finish!

  • Helen W

    I definitely need a Cloud Nine Blow Dry Boar Bristle Brush for my new lob! I have such long, thick hair with loads of flyaways now that my post-pregnancy hair loss is starting to grow back. A brush that can help control static will give me that shiny, smooth look without needing loads of stiffening products. And because my hair is so thick it usually takes many hours to naturally dry so this brush sounds perfect for quickly getting my hair to look naturally fabulous!

  • Anna Erceg

    Love Professional Paddle Brush this would be great for my long hair have so much trouble to brush my long hair always in tangles this would help a great deal 🙂

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    I’d love the professional ‘Cloud Nine Professional Paddle Brush’ to tame my wild frizzy hair into a neat ponytail, my daily style!

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    I’m in desperate need of a paddle brush to bring some normality to my “Wreck of the Hesperus” hair.

  • MischiefMaker

    The Cloud Nine Professional Paddle Brush would be perfect for my daughter and I. She hates having her hair brushed because it gets so knotty, making it hard work to try and brush.

  • sonia c

    Dressing brush….I need the added shine this promises….dull is not an image I wish to expound..I’m an accountant…I need shine

  • Ariane

    The Cloud Nine Professional Paddle Brush would help my fine hair and all it’s tangly mess it gets into.

  • Mrs W

    Have heard good things about these brushes, great giveaway!

  • Angela

    My hair is unmanageable when I get in the morning, only the Cloud Nine Dressing Brush can tame it.

  • Karla Oleinikoff

    The Paddle Brush, I have a lob, and I would love a chance to try and make it look as good as my hairdresser does!

  • Julia Mason

    I would love, love, love the Paddle Brush! I have really thick and curly hair so this brush will totally be up for the job. My old brush recently snapped in half while I was still brushing and I’m using my daughters brush at the moment..Amazing Give-away!

  • Barbara

    My preference is the lob.Long enough to tie up, if needed. Looks sexy,stylish and sleek when worn loose. Cloud Nine Blow Dry Boar Bristle brush would be my choice to achieve this great look

  • Karly

    The Cloud Nine Blow Dry Boar Bristle Brush

  • Bernadette

    Cloud Nine Blow Dry Boar Bristle Brush would be ideal for my hair. With little time to care for my do, I use my sons brush and shampoo, my hair needs TLC starting with the brush, enjoying my own Cloudnine, no need to rush

  • Charlotte S

    I would absolutely love the Cloud Nine Dressing Brush – it sounds perfectly polished, and brushing my hair is part of my daily dressing routine so it’s perfect! I’ve always had long hair… since I was 5 I haven’t cut my hair more than a trim, and I’m turning 25 in two and a half weeks so this would be the perfect present to celebrate two decades of loving my long locks!

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Heidi

    I love this new look. And thank you for the handy hints always have trouble getting my hair to look like it did when I left the hairdresser. These brushes are to die for. Great competition and love you page/blog xx

  • sapshu

    Cloud Nine Professional Paddle Brush will work wonders for my uncontrolled hair …

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    The cloud nine paddle brush I think would be my pick I like these styles for spring!

  • Claire M

    I’d love a blow dry boar bristle brush to get the perfect ends with my blow dry!

  • Lisa Wijoyo

    I definitely love Cloud Nine blow dry brush 🙂

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