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I was one of those kids who always had their nose in a book. Lying on the trampoline in the sun, in the car, in my room, on the couch, under a tree. It didn’t matter where I was, I always had a book with me.

Judy Blume, Sweet Valley High and Dolly Fiction were bought as soon as new titles were released. As I matured, of course, so did my taste in fiction. I was never one to read romance novels, which from flicking through my mother’s Mills’ and Boons’, were all about not liking a certain guy who turns out to be “the one”, the one who gathers you up into his arms to live happily ever after…. Pfft! Yeah, right!

Anyhow, as I matured my new preferred genre was crime and law thrillers. Any and all of John Grisham’s novels to be exact. John Grisham is the king of legal thrillers.

As much as I love reading my John Grisham novels, I unfortunately don’t have the time to read as much as I would like to these days. This is where comes in.

With I can listen to books while I do the housework, work, in the car, going for a walk/run or exercising….anywhere really!

audible makes it affordable and easy. This audiobook online service offers more than 150,000 audiobooks as well as audio newspapers and magazines of all types. Audible listeners enjoy exclusive promotions, free audio and up to 75 percent off retail price on audiobooks. Add all of this to the convenience of instant downloads.

You can upgrade or cancel anytime and you can return books, no questions asked from their 24 hour customer service!

So now there is no reason why you can’t ‘read’ your favourite books while on the go.


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