Headaches: Why You Keep Getting Them & How To Stop Them!

Staying healthy is a vitally important part of our everyday life. We want our bodies to be in tip top shape and to have no medical problems whatsoever. Sometimes we do get sick, and there’s just nothing we can do about it. Common colds are called that for a reason – they’re very easy to get. However, there are certain health problems we could easily prevent if we know how. One of the most prevalent everyday health issues are headaches. I’m going to stick my head out here and say that everyone reading this has had a headache before. There’s a high chance you might even have had one in the past couple of weeks! Headaches are extremely common, and there are a number of reasons we get them. Below are a list of reasons why we get headaches, and what you can do to prevent them in the future!

Dehydration: This is a massive cause of headaches because lots of people don’t drink enough water. When you aren’t drinking enough water, then your body ends up struggling. You feel thirsty, tired, physically sore, and you get headaches. If you have headaches daily, then try drinking more water throughout the day and see if this helps banish them.


Bad Eyesight: Lots of people get headaches all the time because they have poor eyesight and don’t know it. Make sure you get regular eye exams, so you know if your sight is in good condition. If it turns out your eyesight is poor, then you may need to get glasses to fix these issues. If you don’t like glasses, you can always opt for something like laser surgery as a more permanent fix. Companies like http://www.newvisionclinics.com.au/ offer laser eye correction for those with bad eyesight. Fixing your poor eyesight can prevent you from succumbing to headaches all the time.


Physical Pain: Perhaps slightly surprising, but physical pain can be the cause of your headaches. If you’re sitting all day or do a lot of physical activities, then your neck and shoulders can become tight and sore. This muscle soreness results in you getting ‘tension’ headaches that could plague you for weeks on end. So, if you have sore muscles then go book yourself a relaxing massage to melt the pain away. Hell, you could even take time off work, just tell them your doctor said you need to relax for a few days!


Lack Of Sleep: If you’re not getting enough sleep at night, then you’re going to have headaches. Sleep is the time where our body can recharge and recover for the day ahead. Without these vital hours, your body will be tired and working overtime to keep you going, leading to regular pains in your head. So get your sleep mask out, hit the hay early and get a good 7-8 hours of dream time every night.


Headaches can be a daily struggle for women worldwide, so it’s good to know what’s causing them. If you can figure out what’s making your head hurt, then can fix it and stop those pesky headaches from returning.

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