5 Common Health Risks For Women

common health risks for women

Women have many health issues that they must look out for as they age and mature. However, there are times when women can miss obvious warning signs because they were simply not aware that they should be on the lookout for said warning signs.

Each of these health risks for women can crop up in a hurry, but they are also manageable if ladies find them soon enough.

Breast Cancer

Ladies may have random pains here and there that they may not really think about. Everyone has pains that make them think they’re just getting older. However, pain in the chest or in the breasts is a very serious matter. Ladies should be cognizant of when the pain started, where it is located, and go to their doctor immediately. While it could be nothing, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

Heart Disease

As men all over the world die of heart disease every year, women are actually more at risk for developing heart disease and dying of heart-related illnesses. While a husband may get a physical every year for his insurance, ladies should also have annual physicals that include cholesterol screenings. These screenings can alert ladies to the fast that their heart is perhaps not as healthy as they thought it was. Without these annual screenings, it is quite possible that ladies can be caught off guard by high blood pressure or heart disorders that can change their life.

Ovarian Cysts

One in ten women are likely to form cysts in their ovaries as they ovulate every month. These cysts can cause pain, cramps and tenderness that ladies have not experienced before. Rather than ignoring major cramping or extra pain during ovulation, ladies should go to their doctor and ask to be checked for ovarian cysts. These cysts can be treated, but if they are not caught, they could lead to fertility issues that are very difficult to deal with.


Ladies are more prone to develop osteoporosis in their later years simply due to a reduction in bone mass. However, the warning signs of osteoporosis can crop up even in middle age. Ladies who have a rash of broken bones, feel a great deal of joint pain or who have a hard time being active should consult their doctor to see if these are early signs of osteoporosis. This disorder is manageable, but ladies must know that they are suffering symptoms first.


Depression has the capability to catch many of us by surprise. Everyone is susceptible to sadness, although discerning depression from the “normal” hum drum of a bad week becomes particularly difficult, as normal lives become more and more complicated. Women can succumb to the depths of depression for a variety of reasons, from post-natal depression, following the rigors and demands of new motherhood, to sustained bereavement. Mental health has shrugged off its taboo, as new clinics open and provide a professional environment for those living with the debilitating effects of depression, including familial support and open counselling sessions.

In each of these cases, these medical conditions are common, but could be overlooked. It is best for women to consider whether or not they are developing warning signs of any of these disorders. Even the slightest hint of a problem should send ladies to the doctor for a checkup just to be sure everything is alright.

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