Healthy Snacks For Foodies To Munch On While Working

How many times do you find yourself searching for something to eat during the work day? Well, there’s nothing to be ashamed of snacking while working. 

But you should know that not all food items are good for your health. Having a constant supply of trans fats, sugary items, fried and junk food can be a bit tough to resist on the breakroom table (or easy access to the fridge/cupboards while working from home). Plus, you need sheer willpower to say NO to such mouth watering stuff. 

So, if you work all day, you obviously need something to munch on to get you through the day. But before you reach out for that chocolate bar, here are some healthy snacks for all the foodies out there to keep you charged up at work all day. Choose the best ones from the list for your tastes and enjoy the variety of flavours and textures during your working hours.  

Without further ado, let’s get you some healthy options to keep your snacking game fresh at work. 

  • Veggie roll-ups

Didn’t you just love munching on roll-ups in your childhood? Let’s be honest, they were not only fun but also super-tasty until the filling became a threat to your health. But don’t you worry about that. You can always swap the unhealthy filling with a healthy one to make it a good snack for work. 

All you have to do is prepare a mixture made up of fresh vegetables and dehydrate it very slowly. Yes, it is time-consuming to make, but the results are definitely worth the effort. You can prepare them on your weekends and store those tasty roll-ups in air-tight containers for around four days. 

  • Fruit or veggie salad

This is one of the best and really easy-to-make snacks for work. You don’t have to follow any complicated recipes or waste any more of your precious time making a fruit or vegetable salad. Plus, if you have co-workers who frown upon fragrant food items, then taking a fruit or veggie salad to work can save you from all the embarrassment. 

So, here’s what you need to have fresh fruit or veggie salad for your short work breaks. All you need to do is get quality and FRESH fruits and vegetables, chop them, add a citrus dressing, and Voila! You have a bowl full of freshness to enjoy during your working hours. The best part of making a fruit or vegetable salad is that you can play with colors to make it look pretty and chic. Plus, you can also add your favorite sunflower seeds to add a nutty crunch to your salads. 

  • Roasted Chickpeas

If you often crave something crispy or nuttier at your workspace, then refrain from going for processed chips or other savory food items. Instead, you can always have a bag of roasted chickpeas within reach to meet those instant cravings. 

According to healthcare experts, chickpeas are one of the best sources of proteins. Also, if you are a big fan of chickpeas, then there’s one more piece of good news for you. These crisps can also perfectly complement your soups, salads, stews, and sandwiches. And roasting chickpeas make a perfect salty, crisp, crunchy, and irresistible vegan snack.

  • Sunflower seeds

Undoubtedly, seeds are one of the best sources of fat, fiber, and, best of all, protein. And sunflowers are not just another pretty flower. The seeds are considered to be a natural powerhouse of nutrients. Many people enjoy eating sunflower seeds as snacks. They even sprinkle them on their dishes and baked goods. The best part with sunflower seeds is that you get different options to choose from. From shelled and unshelled to roasted, raw, salted, and unsalted, you can pick the ones according to your taste and preference. 

But you should know that too much of anything isn’t healthy. Yes, sunflower seeds are an excellent snacking option but overindulging in them might end up increasing your waistline. Try to measure your servings to prevent yourself from eating them too much.

  • Peanut Butter Cookies

Suppose you often find yourself reaching for a bag of cookies every time you feel hungry. In that case, you should know that they might leave you with severe health problems. One of which is fluctuating cholesterol levels in the body. 

But you don’t have to say goodbye to your love for cookies forever. This means that you can always swap your regular cookies with honey-sweetened peanut butter cookies. By munching on this great cakey snack made up of almond flour, you’ll be in for a double-dose of nuts and goodness of extra protein. You can consider pairing one or two with a glass of milk or your coffee. 

  • Plain oatmeal

If you’ve been eating oatmeal just for breakfast, then you are missing out on a hearty snack option. Yes, you read that right. Get a packet of instant plain oatmeal, microwave with water in a mug, and sprinkle your favorite seasonings. Now all you have to do is take it with you during your mini- coffee breaks. 

There’s a reason why people prefer oatmeal in their breakfast. It is filling and warm and helps to kickstart your day. But you can always use it as a warm office snack to refill your energy levels. 

  • Avocado crisps

There are times when you might feel an instant craving for avocado flavor at work. For this, you can always opt for avocado crisps that will not only satisfy your craving for the flavor but will also hook you up with healthy fats and proteins.  

The best part of these crisps is that you don’t have to worry about them turning mushy or brown overnight. This means that you can always keep them in your bag or office fridge so that you can take them out and start munching right away. 

Wrapping Up 

When it comes to satisfying your hunger while working, it is a bit tough to make healthy choices. Fortunately, now you have a whole list of healthy snacks to munch on while working and power you through the day. 

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