Helping Your Parents Downsize: Putting Together Their Property Listing

Most people reach an age whereby their current house is too big and too difficult for them. If your parents have decided that they want to downsize or move into a retirement home, it is a good idea to assist them with the sale of their property. One thing you can do is make sure their property listing is compelling and the photographs that are taken of their home showcase it in the best light to encourage a sale. In this blog post, you will find some useful tips that can assist you with this.


The basics of putting together a good property listing

Did you know that more than 90 per cent of buyers begin their search for a new property on the Internet? If your parents’ property online listing is not making a good impression you are fighting a losing battle before you even start. You need keep a check on your agent’s online marketing of your property. Don’t merely assume that they are marketing your home well. Keep them on their toes!  

The online listing you create for your parents needs to be compelling if you are to secure a sale quickly, which is what most people want when downsizing or moving into one of the retirement communities in Australia. Do not be satisfied with simply a couple of pictures and a list of the features your home boasts. The agent should use descriptive language and an eye-catching title to paint a picture of the lifestyle they will benefit from if they purchase your home.

Aside from this, you need to make sure there is a good number of pictures. A listing with over six photographs is likely to get double the amount of viewings than one with less than six. You should also make sure that there are images of all rooms and the front door. If a room is missing, the person reading your listing will assume there is a reason why, i.e. you are hiding something. Is your living room really that bad you couldn’t photograph it?

How the right photographs can sell your home!

Photographs are so important when it comes to marketing any property! Don’t make the mistake of thinking making a good impression begins when the viewers step through the front door. You actually have to get them to your parents’ door first!

The photos you take can be the difference between being inundated with viewings and receiving none at all! Don’t take all photos from the same angle and don’t feel the need to capture every single element in the room. The buyer doesn’t need to see the bedside table! But don’t leave gaps either! For example, if there are no photographs of your kitchen, buyers are going to assume that you are hiding something. Is your kitchen really that bad you don’t want it photographed?

Remember, you are selling a lifestyle, not merely pretty walls and nice floors. Your photos must reveal the type of lifestyle the potential buyer will lead if they purchase your home. Little finishing touches can make all of the difference! From a bowl of fruit to an opened novel on your reading desk, these small touches create atmosphere.

Always choose the best photograph of your parents’ home as the main one. A lot of people think the front of their home has to be the primary image. This is not the case. Yet, it does need to be there! If something is missing, the mind automatically assumes there is a reason why.

What NOT to do when taking photographs of your parents’ property

  •   Don’t miss out important rooms – This is one of the biggest mistakes sellers make. They forget about taking a picture of the front of their home. Or, they miss out the kitchen because they don’t believe it is the best feature of their property. However, if you do this, potential viewers are going to think you are hiding something.
  •   Don’t include pictures of your pets – You may love your parents’ dog or your cat, yet potential buyers may not. Plus, no one likes the thought of loads of animals running wild in the home they could be about to purchase.
  •   Make sure all personal elements are hidden – Personal elements make it extremely difficult for viewers to connect with your home. From wedding pictures to awards you have won, don’t include these in photos.
  •   Don’t try and force every element of the room into the picture – One of the biggest blunders is trying to force every element and piece of furniture into the photographs you take. This can lead to awkward images. Yet you do need to make sure the main features of the room are included.
  •   Don’t stick to the same angle for every shot – Mix things up a bit. Don’t take all the photographs from the same angle. Variation is key!

So there you have it: some useful tips on property listings and photographs that can assist you when putting together the perfect listing for your parents. If you follow the suggestions that have been presented above, you can go a long way to creating an online listing that is compelling, shows the property off in the best light, and attracts people that are genuinely interested in purchasing your parents’ home. This will enable them to move onto the next stage in their life as easily and quickly as possible.


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