Keeping it Stylish While You’re a Mum: 3 Easy Steps

Being a mum is about more than just walking around in the same yoga pants every day, falling asleep on the couch with the TV on, and rocking that timeless messy bun during every day of the week. Admittedly, it kind of ends up like this after some time as there is so much on our mind and to keep track of. Perhaps the time for style and elegance has come to an end?

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Of course, it hasn’t – you just need to get your priorities straight again. While it doesn’t matter what you dress in or how you keep your hair as long as you’re happy with it, you might sometimes wish that there was more time to treat yourself – like you used to do.

Sooner or later your kids will be all grown-up and it would be nice to look back on the pictures of their early days without wondering how on earth you could walk around in that outfit all day. All new mums go through this, at least most of them, and with all the good advice out there it’s actually quite easy to not only rediscover your style but also to create a new one that works for this particular stage of your life.

#1 Accept your body and create a wardrobe for it

There seem to be two types of new-mum looks out there: the ones who have accepted their fate of yoga pants and messy buns and the ones who painfully attempt to squeeze themselves back into their old pair of jeans. By being in the middle, however, you’ll find a certain way of embracing your new body, which may or may not have changed significantly after your pregnancy and creating a wardrobe that will work for it.

The time for tight waistbands and spending an hour in front of the mirror each morning may definitely have come to an end, for better or worse, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still be stylish on your own terms. Squeezing into old clothes or covering up your body in clothes that are too big is not the way to go if you’d like to feel good about yourself.

Stop trying to figure out what kind of fruit your body is more similar to and allow yourself to simply dress in something that feels comfortable and makes you look good. It really is that simple; have a look around the web for inspiration and keep in mind that we’re actually quite good at noticing which clothes and colours look good on us without the help of pink magazines.

Now, armed with a new-found acceptance of your body and a confident outlook, you’re ready to get started and discover your new style.

#2 Get back to basics

Some of the most classy and elegant looks out there are based on a very basic wardrobe. Think plain, white t-shirt or blouse and a pair of structured trousers. The look you’re imagining may be quite different, depending on whether you’re thinking about high-quality clothes or simply something from Kmart and, by going for the cheaper options, you risk never getting out of that stressed-out mum look.

The trick to getting your basic wardrobe right is to invest in a few high-quality pieces; that plain white t-shirt is going to look a lot nicer if it’s made out of proper fabric and it will complement your body more when the cut is done properly.

Those basic garments you simply cannot be without, such as plain tops, cardigans and trousers should be of a good quality so that you always have something stylish to build your wardrobe up from.

Start this new journey by investing in a few basic garments of high quality and spruce it up with some more affordable pieces to find your own style. The most important part of this is to rediscover the joy you used to have when buying new clothes, finding something that looks perfect on you, and treating yourself to something fancy once in a while.

#3 Make it easier for yourself

When you have the core layout of your wardrobe in order, it’s time to figure out a look that is easy to put together when you’re in a rush while still making you feel like you’re on the top of your game. Try to think about every part of your life like this; make it easy for yourself and you’ll manage to maintain your style and be happy about what you see in the mirror.

This goes, of course, beyond style; in order to look good you will have to find time to take care of yourself and find a moment of peace from time to time. While you’re on your way out of the mum-rut, it’s a good idea to have a look at the rest of your life and figure out if it’s just the stress of being a new mum that made you lose yourself – or if you can improve other aspects as well.

A lot of things in our lives can contribute to the already daunting stress but, luckily, there are always ways to make it a bit better. If you live too far away from work or the kindergarten, consider if moving house may make your life a bit easier in the long run.

Talk to your boss about telecommuting, for example, to spend more time at home or have a talk with human resources to see if you are able to cut down on work hours to make it easier for the whole family. Similarly, have a look at your car and evaluate if it’s the right kind of transportation now that your family is growing. Have a look at Kia Sportage, Family SUV, Best Family Car if you’re thinking about upgrading your vehicle; it just makes it a bit easier to be a busy parent.

To make it easier for yourself includes everything from how you live, where you live, and, of course, what you expect of yourself. Anyone would find it exhausting to be a full-time parent while simultaneously trying to look like a runway model at all times.

Find a simple makeup routine that works for you, find time to exercise, and hang out with your friends as well – it’s really all about finding that golden balance between being a parent and being you.

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