Top Ways To Treat Yourself This Long Weekend!

After a long week at work, we can end up feeling exhausted. Our body is tired from the strains of the long days, so it’s time to treat ourselves. Here are some top ways to look after number one this weekend:

A massage off your partner

A great way of feeling more relaxed this weekend is to get a massage off your partner. It can also mean you get to spend some time together. Bring some lotions down from the bathroom and put them on the table. Then let your partner use them to give your back a deep massage which will get rid of the strains of the past week. Then you can return the favour so that they can relax as well. You may want to get them to give you a hand or foot massage. If you have been on your feet all week, they will need some love too. You can always put on some polish after so that they look beautiful.



A face mask

After a busy week, you have likely not found the time to be able to look after your face. Now’s the time to get a face mask. It can be good if you have noticed a lot of spots have started to appear, and you haven’t been moisturising in the week. Buy a face mask or make your own and then sit and chill out till it’s time for it to be removed. You can even light some candles while you relax with your face mask.


A lie-in

Getting up early every day can mean that we have little sleep during the week. We may have a long commute on weekdays which can tire us out before we even start the day. Therefore, during the weekend, you should catch up on some vital sleep. As it says in this article, a pajama day is ideal for relaxing and can be a great way of refreshing your body. Chill out in the front of the TV and have a nap if you want to. You will feel ready to go again on Monday morning.

sleeping-1159279_1280Image from pixabay

A new outfit

If you want to treat yourself this weekend, why don’t you buy some new clothes for your wardrobe? Log on to your computer and do some online shopping. It’s a great way to boost your mood, as well as spend the cash you have earned during the week. Head out to the shops and window shop if you haven’t got money. It’s still an excellent way of treating yourself as you are taking your mind off work, and making a list of things you are going to buy in the future.

A day at a spa

Another way of treating yourself this weekend is to book yourself and a friend in at the spa. A day at the spa can help you unwind and get rid of all the stresses of the past week. You could even treat yourself and re-energise with a spa treatment package. It may include a massage and a facial which will de-stress you.


Remember it’s so important to have some ‘me’ time once in awhile.


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