How To Pick An Engagement Ring She’ll Really Love

Buying an engagement ring for your partner is not an easy feat. Since it is an expensive investment, you must be wary of what to keep in mind when purchasing engagement rings and, of course, your partner’s choice. However, keeping a secret from your girlfriend can be difficult, especially if you live together. With some tips and information, you can pick an engagement ring to surprise her without giving your partner a single hint. The only thing you’ll have to focus on next is the best way to execute your proposal. Here are some helpful tips for picking an engagement ring to please the love of your life and compel her to say “yes.”

  1. Stick To Her Style

The best way to please your partner with an engagement ring is by keeping an eye on her style and preferences. This will help you pick a ring that suits her taste. You can also notice the type of jewelry she wears on a regular basis. If you see her wearing a lot of silver, you can pick an engagement ring with silver as the band material. What kind of clothes does she wear? Does she often slip into dresses, or does she prefer sticking to her good ol’ jeans? This will help you lean towards a vintage or minimal style.

  1. Pick A Rare Gem

Typical engagement rings are made of diamonds studded in bands of precious metal like gold, silver, or platinum. However, if she is open to exploration and loves trying new things, you can gift her something different, like an engagement ring with rare gemstones or crystals. Topaz, emerald, ruby, and moldavite are some beautiful stone types that can be used in engagement rings. You can either check them out on an online store or consult your local jeweler. Gemstones and crystals add a touch of luxury to engagement rings and give them a different look.

  1. Dig Deeper Into The Latest Trends

In this case, the internet is your friend. Familiarize yourself with different ring types and jewelry trends. If your partner often explores social media, you can easily get ideas from their collection or saved items. Instagram and Pinterest are two great platforms to begin your investigation and research. At the same time, be honorable and do not cross the line to invade her privacy. Simply search by the keywords ‘engagement’, ‘jewelry,’ or ‘rings,’ and you may see a lot of options and choices to narrow down your search. You can also seek help from a jeweler to find out about the latest trends.

  1. Ask Her Sister Or Friends

One of the simplest ways to find out about your girlfriend’s jewelry or ring preferences is by consulting her sister or friends. You can also contact one of her close female colleagues, who can narrow down your options based on your partner’s choices and style. Request your girlfriend’s mom or sister to accompany you when going shopping for an engagement ring. Even if they are not fully aware of what she likes, they can still suggest some options that can ease the selection process. In a way, you also get to spend time with your future mother- or sister-in-law.

  1. “Secretly” Browse The Mall With Her

If you fail to gather information on your partner’s style from her or her female friends, you can take her on a “secret” browsing spree to the mall. You need to be sly here. Take her to the mall and pass through the jewelry section. Notice if she stares at or inquires about a specific design. Keep that style in mind, as it can help you pick a similar ring. If she has been dreaming and speaking of her dream wedding, you may also get hints of the type of jewelry and ring she prefers.

  1. Be Wary Of Her Ring Size

Even if you pick a designer ring that suits your partner’s taste, all your hard work may go to waste if you pick the wrong size. Along with her style, you must find out your partner’s ring size to give her a perfect engagement present. Instead of using the typical way of measuring the ring size with a string, borrow an actual ring from your partner’s closet to get it right. More importantly, it should fit her ring finger. If possible, find a ring in her absence to retain the element of surprise.

Lastly, you should also consider her day-to-day activities, schedule, and routine. If she works at a desk all the time, a dainty ring with a delicate diamond or gemstone can work. Focus on her needs and wants to simplify your shopping experience. These tips will surely help you pick a ring that will make your partner happy.

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