How To Revamp Your Kitchen On A Budget This Holiday Season

kitchen renovation

As the festive season approaches, you tend to spend more time in the kitchen. The holiday baking projects and party cooking keep you busy. Your kitchen becomes the favourite hangout for family conversations and festive planning. You may even expect guests to step in as you give the final touches to your dishes before putting them on the table. Your culinary expertise is not the only thing that makes a mark. The look and feel of your cooking space matter because you want it to impress your guests.

Not surprisingly, most homeowners are keen to invest in kitchen makeovers in the holiday season. But tight timelines and budgets can deprive you of the pleasure of a new-looking space. Luckily, you can revamp it without spending a fortune or taking a lot of time. If you want some last-minute ideas to do it on a budget this season, we have some actionable options for you.

Start by budgeting first

Before going ahead with the makeover, you must have a clear budget in the first place. The festive season brings endless expenses as you spend on holiday decor, gifts, delicacies, and parties. You have to be extra conscious about budgeting with the cost of living crisis when saving every dollar is important. But you can still squeeze in a project or two with smart financial planning. Prepare a checklist of expenses and allocate your funds accordingly. You will probably manage to set apart a few hundred dollars for a kitchen revamp. Once you have a clear idea about your budget, you can plan the project better. There are good chances you will stick with the budget and complete the job without overspending.

Get a fresh coat of paint

Refreshing your cooking space is easy, provided you pick the right order of tasks. Begin with a fresh coat of paint as it gives you a clean slate to work with. You will probably need a paint job because kitchen walls tend to lose their shine sooner rather than later. It also covers stains and spills, which are common in this part of the living space. A warm and welcoming ambience is about having the right hues for the cooking space. Choose a colour that matches the rest of the décor, but keep in mind the trending hues. You can research online or check home décor magazines to pick the right shades for your kitchen.

Get a lighting refresh

As the weather changes, days get shorter and sunshine is elusive. It becomes hard to keep the kitchen bright and cheerful with natural light. You will have to use artificial light to illuminate your cooking space. Get it as a cue for getting a lighting refresh during the holidays. Upgrading the lighting fixtures can transform the ambience of your kitchen. Installing pendant fixtures is a good idea, while you can opt for under-cabinet lighting this season. These ideas make the area look more open and spacious. When you are on the upgrade spree, switch to energy-efficient LED lighting to save up on your electricity bills.

Ramp up the hardware

You cannot overlook the kitchen hardware when giving the space a makeover. You need not think small by only changing the handles and knobs to save money. Instead, you can opt for diy cabinets, like Kaboodle from Bunning or Ikea, for a new look within the budget. They cost a fraction of custom cabinets, and you can save time and money on assembling them. It makes them ideal for quick holiday projects when you want to close things fast and without burning a hole in your wallet. At the same time, you can have the best-looking one for the stylish kitchen of your dreams. Make sure you pick the best materials, and they will last for years to come. 

Update countertops

Kitchen countertops deserve good attention as they make a significant element of the cooking space. They serve as your workstation where you chop, blend, and mix your recipes. If you have time and money this season, consider replacing them with trendy materials such as concrete or brushed metal. But you can still update when you want to complete a project without big spending and delays. You can paint your existing laminate countertops to give them an appearance of natural stone. Try working with a countertop redo kit for a DIY job. 

Enhance with shelves

Wall shelves make a great idea to ramp up the kitchen décor this holiday season. They enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your cooking space. You can place your knick-knacks on them or even use them to display decorative elements. Add the Christmas spirit by putting up a tiny Christmas tree on the wall shelf above the oven. You can even create a small herb garden on one besides the window where natural light floods in abundantly. The best part is that they do not cost a lot, and you can even install them without professional help. 

Upgrade your appliances

Besides reworking the kitchen décor, you can upgrade your appliances to make the space flaunt-worthy. Impressing your guests is easy if you have the latest air-fryer or coffee-maker on display on the countertop. Not to mention, they make cooking a lot easier with advanced features. You can switch to smart devices to cook better and cut the energy bills. Look for appliances that take you a step closer to healthy cooking goals. Explore the latest products and options in the market and give yourself one as a Christmas gift this season. You can even pick some frugal ideas to upgrade devices with cosmetic upgrades. For example, try covering the bland fridge with chalkboard prints. 

Getting the kitchen of your dreams need not require a hefty investment. You only have to find creative ways to ramp up its look and feel. Try one or more of these ideas to make it the most impressive part of your living space this season. You will love every moment you spend here and want to show it off proudly to guests and visitors. 

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