Easy ways to feel your best this summer

Summer is a great time of year in Australia. You could be spending a day in the sun, doing yoga in the park or running along the beach, so it’s important to feel 100 per cent all of the time.

“During summer, our bodies often react to the heat, making us feel tired, lethargic and a bit under the weather,” says nutritionist and naturopath Lisa Guy. “It’s really important that we listen to our body and give it the adequate resources it needs to fuel itself during this hot and busy period.”

“Throughout summer, it is vital that we nourish our bodies from the inside-out. We should eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet and limit our sugar intake as this spikes our blood sugar levels, which ultimately makes us crash and burn.”

Lisa recommends the following easy way to feel your best.

Get Moving

It’s easy to be lethargic when it’s hot outside, but one of the easiest ways to boost your mood is to get your body moving. If you’re at work, a ten minute stroll around the office or a late night walk with a dog instantly releases oxygen and nutrients to your organs and tissues. Exercise is also proven to reduce cortisol, the hormone which increases stress in the body.

Take a Supplement

Lethargy and tiredness is often caused by low iron and B-vitamins which play a crucial role in energy production by helping the body turn food into fuel. 70% of Australian women aged between 25-55 years are iron deficient, and requires 18mg of iron per day but on average consume less than 10mg. If you’re not sure about your iron levels get a blood test to find out, and consider taking a supplement such as Fab Iron or similar products.

Eat Fresh

You know the foods that are bad for you, and it’s natural to want to reach for them when you’re feeling tired and unmotivated. The problem is they will only make you feel worse. Pick up an apple instead. Summer is the perfect season to be eating fresh food such as fruit, lightly steamed veggies, as well as lean protein and complex carbohydrates. These foods give you an instant surge by providing your body with extra vitamins and minerals.

Moisturise, Inside and Out

Instead of grabbing the pain killers when you’ve got a headache, drink a large glass of water instead and see if that works; headaches are sometimes caused by dehydration.

Drinking the recommended eight glasses a day will flush your system of toxins as well as hydrate your body.

Also don’t forget to give your skin some hydration too as it is the largest organ in the body. Moisturise daily to replenish dry, dehydrated skin.



If you start to feel dizzy and notice your attention span waning when the weather heats up, simply take some time out to breathe deeply. Studies have shown that mindful meditation has amazing health benefits.

If you’re looking to start somewhere simple try ten deep breaths while sitting at your desk or while lying in bed before you sleep. Simply count your breaths to help regulate your heart beat, disperse oxygen throughout the body and calm the mind.

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