Checklist For The Ultimate Party


Planning a party, whether it’s an adult or a child’s party, is loads of fun. But it can be a little bit annoying trying to remember everything that you need to remember to make your party the best party ever. There are a number of party planning essentials that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Luckily, here is a checklist for the ultimate party essentials:


What is the party for? Pretty straightforward – is it a birthday, a graduation, a retirement, or is it something else entirely? It could be a ‘just because’ party, which can be one of the best reasons.


The date of the occasion is a must. If it is an adult party, then an evening is better, and probably better on the weekend. In fact, most parties are better on weekends, as most people don’t have to worry about work or school.


Are you renting a space, or are you going to have it at home? Is it a garden party or an inside party? Be mindful of your guest list, and any restrictions rented spaces give you, like liquor licenses. You can rent out a multitude of places, including clubs, swimming pools, halls and fields. If you are having a party in your house (especially if alcohol is involved), then plan a good hiding spot for breakables.


Guest list time! Kids parties often involve most of the children from their class, which dwindles down to their close friends as the get older. For adult parties, it might be worth thinking about mixing colleagues and out-of-work friends – will it work? And if you are only inviting one or two of one group, then are they going to feel comfortable throughout the party? Be mindful of how many casual invitations you issue, and keep track of RSVPs – both formal and informal.


A child’s birthday party might be full of pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey, but you might not want that vibe at an adult shindig. Music is always a good focus for a party, are you using a playlist, a DJ, hiring a Jukebox or a band? Often music is enough entertainment for a party, but you might want to include garden games, or even drinking games – preparing for drinking games is easy, just have a pack of cards and some plastic cups handy. And, of course, alcohol.


Your decorations will again vary depending on your type of party, but there are some amazing DIY decorations you can make for most types of parties. Halloween and Christmas parties are the easiest to decorate, but you can always up to the ante by creating some unique and personalised things. Like horror movie posters with your friend’s faces superimposed. This works well for a surprise party too.

Dress Code

Black tie or Pirates of the Caribbean? And if you’re going for an elaborate theme like dressing up as medieval characters, make sure to give your guests ample time to prepare their costumes. Whatever type of party you are going for, make sure that everyone knows the dress code – you don’t want to be the only one at your party in a banana costume just because you forgot to tell everyone it’s a fruit bowl party. If it’s casual then say so, people can be a bit awkward when they don’t know what to wear to certain events.  

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  • Evan Kirby

    Thanks for the great tips!..I have my 40th coming up and this will help!..I must say though I will be getting a photo booth as entertainment 😉

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