It’s all about me week. Part 1..

After an very hectic school holidays with the boys (and constant headaches, which my Dr put down to stress…. is that what most drs use as a diagnosis when then can’t find anything wrong?!?), I decided that this week I will take time out and do things for ME! Yes, don’t die of shock… I know that isn’t a normality for me (or most mums) but Meh! I needed to do this… for me.
So Monday I started off with dropping the boys off at school and heading into the city. It was such a gorgeous sunny day in Melbourne town! I went into Myer and had a look around before my 10am appointment at Benefit. I bought some new lingerie, two pairs of undies and a bra for $25, usually $69. Quite happy with that purchase 🙂

Went to the Benefit beauty bar and had my eyebrows waxed and shaped. It stung for two seconds but it didn’t hurt at all (yes, I am a newbie at getting my brows waxed, I usually use tweezers).
The lady was lovely and very helpful. I bought the Bad Gal Lash mascara (mainly because I needed a new one, my poor Napoleon mascara was drying out and getting well past it’s used by date) and the instant brow pencil in light to medium brown. I love both of these products, the mascara really lengthens the lashes and makes my eyes stand out.

The Instand brow pencil gives definition to my sparse eyebrows and has a clever brush at the other end to brush your brows in place and take the pencil colour off your skin and onto your lashes! I highly receommend going to get your brows done at your nearest Benefit brow bar at Myer or Benefit store or have a make up consultation. On the back of Benefits new spring/summer 10 booklet, there is a coupon to have a complimentry consultation. From memory, I think a make up consultation is usually $30 (which is redeemable upon product purchase). Locations and more information can be found on the Benefit website.
Next off to get Josh’s birth certificate from the Births, Deaths and Marriages office at the bottom end of Collins Street, it is scary when your oldest needs his birth certificate to get a tax file number and open a bank account of his own (they grow up way too fast!). The walk from Myer down to the BDM office, and back, was really enjoyable, it was such a gorgeous sunny winter day. I then went to Mag Nation in Elizabeth Street, bought Shop til You Drop and had a coffee. Aahh nice!
Nice drive home (I love driving around on a sunny day) and got home to some parcels left at the front door. My Leona Edmiston dresses had arrived, which I had bought on the Friday. I was amazed at how quickly the order came!
So this was my haul for the day:

So an excellent day and the pep up I really needed…. what have you done for yourself lately??


  • Christine

    I bought 2 new bras and matching undies, a new dress (please don’t fall over as I never wear a dress!!) and I attended a purse party the other night and bought a new purse and a cute pair of ear rings. A couple of weeks ago I added 2 new shirts to my wardrobe…couldn’t find much else (I need new cloths so badly!!) which is so frustrating for me as I really dislike shopping. :p

    I also went through all my capris and jeans and put aside all the ones that don’t fit anymore and brought out all the smaller sized ones!!

    I’m losing weight, gaining boobs and feeling pretty good about both!! 🙂

    Your haul looks fabulous!!

  • Stacey

    Ooh I am LOVING these dresses!

    I definately take time for myself but have never considered a day outing like that, so will be putting that on the ‘self’ list…

    Good on your for putting yourself first and recognising the need to rechrage the batteries! Thanks for sharing and btw, links for the dresses please!

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