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Its all about ‘me’ week… part 2.

Well by now you would of read about my expedition into the city to do some things for myself last Monday. Tuesday was a normal day filled with housework and work.. nothing exciting there but I did have a long soak in our spa bath that night and when I was finished was really looking forward to my favourite place in the world… my bed!!
I love my bedroom, it is decorated in a combination of nautical and vintage french provincial styles (my favourite store is Provincial Home Living). My new doona cover comes from Coshee. Coshee duvet covers come with the top sheet attached to the cover, which makes making the bed a breeze and means no more lost top sheet down the end of the bed. The cover and pillow cases are so soft and because the duvet is oversized there isn’t any fighting over it and one of us getting cold.
The Lochie is really nice for boys rooms, I will be ordering two for Mr 8 and Mr 5’s beds.
Coshee is having a sale at the moment, so now is an excellent time to try them out for yourself.

Gorgeous, comfy nightwear is essential to feeling stylish and sexy but snuggly and comfortable at the same time. I love my pj’s from Sleep Secrets. They are so silky and soft, you feel like you aren’t wearing anything. Sleep Secrets sleepwear are made from eco friendly bamboo. One lucky Mummy will win a gorgeous robe from the Sleep Secrets collection valued at $149.95. Leave a comment below telling us why you need a gorgeous robe….
OK back to me because well.. this is about me after all ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wednesday was very uneventful… work and housework. I did manage to have a bit of ‘me time’ while reading Madison magazine and having a coffee in the sun though, it is the smallest things that can make you happy. Sunshine, coffee and reading is all I need.
Thursday was a fabulous day thanks to the lovely Sarah from Style Melbourne. Through Sarah’s blog/site, I won a pamper session at Oscar Oscar… the prize included a cut with the head stylist, a demi colour, head, neck, shoulder and hand massage and herbal tea to sip. While I had my hair done, I was giving delicious chocolates to have with my tea, the new COCO by Cadbury chocolates, you HAVE to try them! COCO by Cadbury is sumptuously smooth milk chocolate truffles encased in milk chocolate and wrapped in beautiful girly packaging. I have found out COCO by Cadbury is available now exclusively at David Jones. RRP for 195g COCO by Cadbury bag is $12.95. Absolutely divine and definitely worth the indulgence. The whole experience at Oscar Oscar was fabulous!

Ok piccie time:

Before: Orangy and brassy from a lot of sun exposure (I’m an outdoorsy person). Dry, brittle, thick with split ends.ย 

After: Layered, soft, shiny with a chocolate demi colour added. Still long (shoulder blade length) but not so full and heavy. It has movement now…. Love it.

So that was part 2 ofย  all about me week…. don’t forget to enter to win a gorgeous robe from Sleep Secrets by leaving a comment below as to why you would love a Sleep Secrets robe.


  • Shannon Vize

    As a mummy of two beautiful boys under 18mths I love nothing more than to wind down at the end of the day with a nice hot shower and dress in my pjs and robe to relax and unwind.. As is often the case with Mummys I very rarely treat myself buying pampering/comfort items for myself, like a lovely new robe, and as a result mine is looking rather shabby! I would love to replace it with a gorgeous Sleep Secrets robe!! : )

  • 41BabyProject

    I’m the new mother of a 4 month old. I also work from home.

    Ergo, I LIVE in robes… ok, and in nighties, trackies, et al.

    For a former fashionist, this is hard to take.

    So I reckon a stylish Sleep Secrets robe would improve my life considerably.

  • Claire

    I hate putting on my old trackies after a lovely warm shower, a new robe would be gorgeous!

    Claire Ryder

  • Simone

    A nice sexy dressing gown is much needed in my house. Anything to make me look better in the mornings. Mornings are very scary in my house this dressing gown could make them far more interesting.

  • Norlin

    I would love to win this robe as…the one I have right now looks like what nanna would wear…seriously…the one with the quilting on top? And guess who gave it to me? My MIL. So I really NEED a new, nice, sexy and non-Nanna looking one to perk me up a bit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Di

    I’d love to win this gorgeous, sexy robe so I’ve got something to lounge around the house in, that’s comfy and stylish! This has the be the most elegant robe I’ve seen, and it sure beats the rundown trackie pants and ratty jumper I wear around the house now!

  • DD

    So I look as good as I’m feeling. Nothing better than being at home in my PJ’s, it always makes me feel great – and with this robe I’ll look as good as I’m feeling, if not better!!!

  • Diana

    To sex up my life & re-entice my man into jumping on me at every opportunity!!! I think the polar fleece dressing gown & flanelette nighty are doing his sex drive harm!! Help me!!!

  • Vicki

    This mother can be driven to exhaustion,
    Some time out would be awesome,
    Precious time for pampering and to relax,
    Soak in a bath, give my legs a wax,
    Slip into a silky Sleep Secrets robe to finish the night,
    Feeling sexy and sensuous, to my husbands delight!!

  • Sharna

    sleep secrets is something i desire
    to relax and to unwine without any bother
    i want to look amazing while enjoying a wine
    being a mum i have very little time
    so please let me be lucky this time
    i promise i will be the most excited winner will not make a sound

  • Vicki

    A Sleep Secrets robe to wear at night,
    Sexy and sensuous, to my husband’s delight,
    Eco friendly, made from bamboo,
    Stylish, comfortable and versatile too!

  • Beck

    As an exhausted and super busy mum to three young and gorgeous children, I lack time to really make an effort to look somewhat attractive, often opting for the trackies or the old Pj’s. A robe like this would work wonders for my lack of self esteem and feelings of frumpiness as it is so beautiful, how could one not feel attractive in it?

  • Susan

    As a single mum I dont tend to make an effort to look (or feel) sexy in the bedroom. But I would still love to feel sensual, and it would be totally for me! I agree it’s not often that Mums splurge out and treat ourselves to something special, but it’s about time that changed! A lovely robe would be the perfect way to help feel relaxed at the end of a long day, when the kids are asleep and the chores are finished, and I can have some special me time!

  • Melody

    Sometimes, like all Mum’s, I have to leave the house before having a shower and making myself look respectable, how awesome this stylish robe would be for leaving the house before you’re ready to, maybe I could even wear it in to work.

  • Carmel James



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