Keep Cool At Home With These Awesome Ideas

When the heat of summer has been baking your house for the whole day, you can find it a struggle to sleep. Tossing and turning only makes you hotter, and the noise of the fan is too distracting. And don’t you just hate it when it blows across your ear! When the heat is on, you need a plan of action to ensure your home doesn’t become too hot. Here are our favorite ways to stay cool when the climate wants to bake you:

Open And Airy

If you look at Caribbean property for sale Nevis and other hot islands have homes that are all open plan. They’re airy and light. Of course, you don’t want the security risk of leaving your doors and windows wide open for that refreshing draft. But the air can circulate better because there isn’t a lot of heavy furniture in the room. The floors are made of cool tiles, and the ceilings are just that little bit higher. While you may not be able to increase the volume of your home, you can reduce the number of things in the room that may make it warmer. is the image source

Ceiling Fans

These were really popular a few decades back but lost favor until recently. Many people realise that they can be quite cheap to run, and rarely make any noise to impact on your sleep or conversation. Best of all, they can circulate the air just enough to feel much cooler. A ceiling fan can whisk away the hot air as it rises so that more warm air lower down can rise up away from you. This allows the cooler air to rush in, and the cycle continues. You could also add shutters to your home to keep the direct sun out. This might even add some extra kerb appeal to your home.

Air Conditioning

There are many portable air conditioning machines on the market that are relatively cheap to buy. However, they can be pretty noisy, and take up a lot of room. A proper installation of air conditioning can seem like a luxury, but in hotter climates, it is an essential fixture for the home. You can use them to cool the rooms a couple of hours before bedtime so you can enjoy a comfortable night. This will make using them a little more energy efficient than running them all day. is the source of the image


Wearing less doesn’t always make you feel more comfortable. Sometimes, your clothing can wick away the heat and sweat letting you feel cooler. Sticky heats can make areas of your body feel incredibly uncomfortable. Where skin is touching skin, such as under the arms and the backs of the knees, it can cause sores. Most heat is lost from the head, the neck and shoulders. Try to keep these bare so the breeze can relieve you.

Icy Drinks

You can cool your body from the inside! Try an icy drink before bed to feel that little chill before you get under the sheets. It will also offer your body the extra hydration we all need in hot weather. You can also try heading to bed with damp hair, or wetting the cuffs of long-sleeved tops. Stay cool this summer.


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