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What is going on with violence and adult concepts on children’s tv shows?

What is going on with kids tv shows? I have to be very vigilant with what my boys watch. Even though ABC3 is aimed at school age children, some of the shows are quite violent or have adult orientated content. There are only two shows Mr seven year old can watch on ABC3 and they are Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab and Twisted Whiskers.
I don’t care if Ben 10 is the ‘in’ thing with kids at the moment, my seven and five year olds won’t be watching it. I think they have seen one or two episodes on the sly, while I have been busy doing something else (or Dad has let them watch it). I really don’t think young kids need to see bits of alien exploding over the TV screen and Ben changing into different things, sometimes in pain from doing so.
Dragon Booster is even worse with wounds being shown and people being killed or plotting to be killed.
I also don’t think children under ten need to know about dating and the ups and downs of being in a relationship.
One show I watched was about a ship in space and the whole show was about who was dating who and the dramas involved in those relationships. These types of shows are ok for teenagers but not little kids.
I’m sure we never had shows like that when I was young. I didn’t see Gummi Bears bouncing on their enemies, squishing them and showing bits of their enemies going everywhere. There wasn’t any sexual tension between Grammi Bear and Gruffi Bear. I don’t even remember any of the Gummi Bears having any relationships at all to be honest.
I’m sure The Smurf’s didn’t go out and try and kill Gargamel and Azrael (even though Gargamel and Azrael wanted to eat the Smurfs, they never got to). There was no storyline to say that Smurfette was having ‘relations’ with any the boy Smurfs.
He man and the masters of the universe was decried at the time for being too violent, the show is very tame by today’s standards, occasionally the hero tosses a villain into a river, but you didn’t actually see any dead or injured villains.
The Carebears didn’t blow anyone to pieces with their ‘Carebear stare’.
Even though the coyote was trying to blow up the road runner, he never did and when coyote got squashed under a rock or fell down a canyon, he just got up and was fine afterwards to plot another way to catch the road runner with his never ending list of Acme products.
Daffy Duck was blown up or shot at by Yosemite Sam or Elmer Fudd a few times, his beak fell off or got spun around but he wasn’t injured or killed, in the next frame he is fine again. 
The boys have enjoyed the reruns of The Jetsons and The Flinstones on channel Go!, especially The Jetsons. I always wanted a spaceship car and my boys would love one too. 
Storylines like the Jetsons always fascinate children; it doesn’t need to be about violence and adult concepts. Children grow up fast enough without us forcing this kind of thing on them so early. What is wrong with shows that intrigue children’s fantasies and have a moral undertone to the storyline?
I don’t want my kids fantasising about killing aliens, being in a relationship, needing to buy a mobile phone or the latest gadget, as seen on a few shows.

I think it is strange that there are strict guidelines over children’s movies but not with television shows. We usually take the boys to see a kids movie every holidays and I can honestly say that I haven’t seen any kids movies that have been violent, even though some of them have double entendre jokes.
The last movie we saw at the movies was UP and it was fantastic, it has been my favourite kids movie so far and the boys loved it. The underlying message was to help others, regardless of what or who they are and never forget your dreams or aspirations and of course, the value of friendship.
Before UP, we saw G-Force. It was about guinea pig FBI agents, again not a lot of violence. You certainly didn’t see anyone get hurt or even killed. The G-Force team had to prove they were worthy FBI members and to prove it, they had to solve a case, in very cool guinea pig cars and with very exciting gadgets.
The most popular kids movies haven’t had any violence in them at all. Look at Cars (the boys favourite movie), Toy Story 1 and 2 and Happy Feet. They are all movies that have been hugely popular and won a great deal of awards.

There seems to be a lack of decent tv programs for children aged 6-12. I wonder why the tv show producers don’t take a leaf out of the movie makers books and make kids shows FOR kids? Surely, it can’t be that hard to come up with shows that appeal to primary school age kids that don’t involve violence or adult/ teen concepts? I think we will be sticking to ABC2 or DVDs from now on. 
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  1. This post encouraged me to reflect on what I give the green light to in terms of TV viewing in our home. Scooby Doo is a hit as is Tom & Jerry. I always check in with ABC1 & ABC2 (I appreciate the lack of commercials) before we “surf” paid and free to air channels.
    Miss 6 has been enjoying Yarramundi kids which is on Foxtel on the NITV channel.
    We watch Charmed, Friends & Will & Grace together (sometimes I get a raised eyebrow from friends with the viewing selection at our home). Being together or nearby is very important as it allows me (& their father) to monitor, switch channels or turn off if we believe anything to be over the top or the kids request a change. Recently though I put on a cartoon of Batman thinking that it would be fine (I had not seen previously – but recalled Batman from my childhood was harmless), not this one. Dad walked into the room and made the decision to turn off after seeing people being killed by machine guns.
    A Friday night ritual for us is pizza in front of the TV. One evening after thinking that I would scream if I had to sit through another Wiggles (sorry boys), I put in the DVD of Strictly Ballroom – it was a hit. So on Friday movie nights we have watched Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Man from Snowy river, Grease, Flash dance (or fat dance as our young fella calls it), Footloose, League of their own – yes Mum & Dad are having eighties flashbacks and taking the kids with us.
    My daughter & I have enjoyed Little Women, The ghost & Mrs Muir and Brides of Christ. I am looking forward to watching the Great Escape with my son when he gets a little older & his father is keen to introduce him to Mad Max.

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