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Let’s Dig The Garden: Top Tips To Improve Your Outside Space

Getting outside is one of life’s simple pleasures and something we should definitely be doing more of. It’s good for the soul, after all. But if you are not close to any pretty outdoor space, it can be all too difficult to enjoy it as much as we should. However, many of us are fortunate enough to have our very own little oasis just a step away from our homes. The garden. How many of us don’t pay enough attention to it? I would say a fair few of us will ignore our gardens and choose to spend our time outside by the beach, in a park or the countryside.

However, the garden is a great little space you can utilise at other times of your day. Benefiting from the outside for that first-morning coffee, or eating al fresco in the warm evening sunshine. Which is why I thought it was about time we all placed some attention on our outside spaces and made them more inviting to spend even more time outside. Here are my top tips to help you improve your garden.


Clear out your garden

Sometimes the garden area can accumulate dead weight. This might be endless weeds in your once beautiful flower beds, a climbing plant that has taken over your fence panels, or even sticks and debris that have accumulated over time. So why not feel inspired to clear your garden right back. Get rid of any unwanted weeds or plants you no longer love. Clear your fences to showcase your fencing once more. While it may feel like a labour intensive chore, it will be so worth it in the end.

You will finally be able to look at a blank canvas and work out exactly what you need to focus on. It might be creating more flower beds or lining up your lawn to make it look neater. It’s much easier to start at the beginning and make improvements from there.

Protect your fence and decked area

The next thing to consider is your fence panels and any decked area you have. You may notice that they require a little attention and care to bring them back to life. This is when painting them with creosote, or outdoor paint could give your garden a new lease of life. You could choose to go for a colour adding some brightness to your outside space or stick with a standard wood colour. Painting can feel like a chore, but with products like a wagner control spray, you may find yourself completing the job quicker than you think.

You may also need to consider replacing some fence panels, especially if they have been subject to aggressive climbing plants like Ivy or clematis. While they can look pretty, they can be lethal to your fence or other plants that are growing close by. Keeping them under control is vital. So you may find that some panels need replacing.

Steam clean walls and stone patios

The weather can have an adverse effect on your outdoor space. The sun and the rain all have their negative points when it comes to the presentation of your garden. But spending a little time steam cleaning the areas will make those stone slabs and walls look freshly laid. A steam cleaner could also help to clean the outside of your windows and any panels that are on display from an orangery or conservatory-type extension. They can be a worthy investment as it could even help to improve the front garden, exterior of your home and your driveway. First impressions count, don’t they?

Look after your lawn

It may seem like a tedious job to mow your lawn and line the edges of your flower beds, but the end result will always put a smile on your face. A freshly mown lawn is inviting and helps to keep your outdoor space looking presentable. Of course, much like your patio areas and fencing, the weather can have an adverse effect on your lawn. Drying it out in the summer, or causing weeds to grow through it in the winter. So you may want to consider some lawn feed to add much-needed nutrients and help your lawn grow and remain bright green. You can even purchase specified weed killer for lawns that will protect the grass seed.

Turn your attention to your flowerbeds

Your flowerbeds are the perfect opportunity to add some colour to your garden. Pretty plants or trees that flower at different times of the year will give your garden an all year round experiences. You need to ensure that your flowerbeds are ready for plants, so make sure you weed them thoroughly and place some top compost across them. Mixing both types of soil will add nutrients to the new roots that will be planted.

If you are unsure on the types of flowers, you want to grow, or the level of care some plants require, then heading to your local garden center should be your first port of call. Or if you prefer checking out some articles online about plant care and different flowers. You will find that certain plants will suit a beginner gardener right up to the green fingered folk amongst us.

Consider growing your own

If you are serious about spending time in your garden, then give yourself another reason to enjoy it. Why not consider growing your own fruit and vegetables? It is fast becoming a new trend to enjoy the fruits of your labour by cooking potatoes from your garden or enjoying strawberries fresh from the tree. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you get started with your own vegetable and fruit patch.

Tackle those yearly chores you hate

It isn’t just about planting trees, admiring your shrubs or enjoying the sunshine, being outside means that you will come face to face with some of those yearly tasks you put off. Clearing the gutters, maintaining your trees and generally tidying up. Now is the time to get motivated and tackle those chores once and for all. At least this way you can enjoy your garden without the impending feeling that the gutters need clearing.


Consider how you want to use your outside space

Do you enjoy entertaining? Would you like the option to eat outside? Or do you simply want your own personal space to enjoy a bit of quiet time? Your garden could provide that if you think about how you want to use it and make it possible. Invest in some outdoor furniture where you can enjoy leisurely meals. Or treat yourself to a reclining sun lounger where you can enjoy that morning coffee or cheeky afternoon vino. If you plan on spending more time outside then maybe you should consider adding more storage options to ensure that your outside space remains a user-friendly place to be.

If you are stuck for garden inspiration websites like Pinterest will always be on hand to showcase some of the world’s finest outdoor spaces. It should provide you with a whoosh of inspiration on how you could use every corner of your garden, no matter how big or small your outside space is.

Finally, getting outside really can be an enjoyable experience. You don’t need to venture from your home to gain that clarity. Use your garden area as a place to exercise, practice yoga or meditation, or just simply relax. Fresh air can work miracles for a stressed mind and a frantic lifestyle if you quite simply create the environment and allow yourself to enjoy it. I hope these tips help you improve your own gardens.

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