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I am a smell-a-phobe and I’m not afraid to say it!

I’m not sure about your house but there are plenty of things that are stinky in this house. I will break it down for your reading pleasure:

The kitchen bin- a gross smelly thing that lives in the kitchen cupboard. It needs to be changed regularly and sprayed with Dettol Glen 20 Disinfectant spray* every time to make it smell better. There is nothing worse than a stinky kitchen.




Boys- ohh where do I start? I have three of these ‘boy’ things and if you are a parent of a boy, you would know that they have their own unique smell, particularly when they are sweaty.

These ‘boys’ creatures also have great joy in farting and saying “OMG, did you hear that one?” or asking someone to pull their finger before letting one rip. Large smelly burps are also great amusement it seems. Thank goodness I can spray Dettol Glen 20 disinfectant spray* around the living room and in their bedroom (I can’t even discuss the smells emanating from there!) to combat the stinkies.

I swear they must be dead inside especially when going to the toilet. OMG! Thank gosh for Dettol Glen 20 disinfectant spray* eliminating the smell.


It is also good to spray in school bags after the child has left a festering, mouldy sandwich in their bag for a few weeks. Gah! So gross! I actually make said child put the sandwich in the outside bin and he can’t handle the smell, which leads to him gagging much to my amusement (ok, yes I’m a mean mother! :P).


Max the shih poo – He may be an adorable little fluff ball but he is definitely a male. This angelic little furry being of cuteness can clear a room with his farts and he does the loudest burps I have ever heard a dog do. He also takes great pleasure in taking the cat’s poop out of the kitty litter tray (before I can get to them with the scooper) and erm… no I can’t tell you, it’s too disgusting and I wouldn’t want my readers to be vomiting all over their computers while reading this. Let’s just say I spray Dettol Glen 20 Disinfectant spray* around a lot.



The cat – Ok, Kitty is 16 and doesn’t make a lot of mess or smells but her litter box can make me dry reach when I enter the laundry at times. Yay for Dettol Glen 20 disinfectant spray* freshening up the laundry for me and saving me from having to hold my nose while trying to shove clothes in the washing machine.


So as you can see I use A LOT of Dettol Glen 20 disinfectant spray and have done so for over 15 years. It is just one of those products that you use and use and never look at buying anything else. A staple item, I guess you could call it.

I was quite excited to see Dettol Glen 20 have released their healthy air system, which automatically neutralises bad odours in the air all day, every day. Very clever, Dettol Glen 20!


This clever little system periodically sprays a mist to keep smells at bay and keeps the house smelling fresh all day long.

The system does it all by itself and not just in the bathroom but across the entire home, which saves me a lot of time and hassle. No more embarrassing odours when people pop by.

._Glen20 Clean Comfort Render ._Glen20-3D(large)._Glen20-3D(large)Glen 20

Dettol Glen 20 is available in a range of light, fresh & clean fragrances including Clean Comfort Linen and Fresh Air Scent. I prefer the clean comfort linen scent.


* When using Dettol Glen 20 Disinfectant Spray Always Read the Label. Use Only As Directed.


**This post was a sponsored post but opinions are my own as per our Disclosure Policy.

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