Natural Ingredients To Deter Insects From Your Home

Marching ants

Insects and pests can bring a whole range of dirt, germs and general uncleanliness into your home, and it can be tempting to find the quickest fix to remove them. However, plenty of store-bought insect sprays can contain so many awful chemicals that they can often be more dangerous to you and your family than the insect. Below is a list of natural ingredients that should help deter insects from your home, without needing to resort to chemical sprays. You can locate these in stores like Biome, along with other natural household products.

Red Cedar

Red cedar, either in its natural wooden form, or in an essential oil, can be a great product to deter moths from getting into your clothes. Avoid the musty old smell of moth balls, and opt for this beautiful, natural-smelling option. Your clothes and home will feel better for it, and you won’t feel quite so grandma-like.


Sandalwood is really effective in deterring mosquitoes – that’s all you need to hear, right? Well, the extra bonus is that it smells fantastic. Not only can your indoors and outdoors be void of the dreaded buzzing, but it smells better than any bug spray out there. Now there’s no need to stink out your next backyard barbeque.


This is another great one for keeping the moths away – just store some in your clothes drawers for a beautiful natural smell that moths hate. You can also try spicewood, lemon myrtle and thurlby while trying to get rid of clothing moths.

Rosemary, cloves, wormwood and plant oils

Try this combination if you are suffering from the dreaded infestation of pantry moths. They can get into absolutely everything (including sealed jars), so as soon as you see one, go looking for this combination to encourage them to stay out of your pantry! You can choose to throw the ingredients into a pouch, or source a pre-made one to save the time and effort.

Find the equipment that works

Of course, you don’t need to restrict hanging natural herbs and plants in your home’s cupboards to keep the insects away. There are plenty of other clever devices that are effective, portable and can be great for indoors or outdoors. There are mosquito-repelling bracelets filled with essential oils, citronella products (including bracelets and candles), and a range of electro-magnetic equipment that deters insects by the signals it sends out. This can be great if you have someone at home who is hyper-sensitive to strong scents. Be aware that pulses force insects and other creatures out of their hiding holes as they leave your home, so you may see a few more in the first week or so than you expected. Just feel good knowing they are leaving in search of greener pastures.

What is the best natural ingredient or non-chemical solution you have used to deter insects from your home? Did electro-magnetic pulses help to keep the creepy-crawlies at bay? Share your suggestions and experience with us below.


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