Advice for healthy loving relationships


If your relationship isn’t healthy and full of understanding, then you might as well be single. Loving each other is of course the first thing that should exist in your little community, but there is so much more that makes a relationship last long and happily. If you’re looking for your happily ever after in romantic movies where a boy meets a girl, and they instantly fall in love, think again. Long loving relationship are built for years and acts, not words, are the most common declarations of love. Real fairytales are made by hard work, trust and unconditional love. How to write your own fairytale?

Just the way you are

In order to love someone, you should really know that person. Get to know your partner’s desires, hobbies, dreams and aspirations. Appreciate his/her little obsessions, and though you don’t have to share them, let your partner know you care. For example, if your boyfriend love comic books (which is not quite your thing), listen to him when he’s telling you about his favorites, and maybe surprise him with a present. Always try to see the best in your partner. Observe his weaknesses as a part of his personality, and understand that you too have weaknesses of your own.

A happy relationship is a long conversation

Talk about everything. It doesn’t even have to be something important, discuss about how was your day, the annoyance of commuting, your screaming boss, etc. If you have some disputes, it’s better to talk your way to an agreement. Tell your partner with what do you have a problem in your relationship, and if he shares some of his doubts with you, listen to him carefully, and don’t be judgmental, and don’t lose your temper.

Runaway together

A happy couple goes to vacations together. It doesn’t have to be some exotic destination. A simple change of air, sometimes can do wonders for a relationship. Whether it is adventurous hiking, exciting exploring of wilderness, a peaceful rest on the beach or a recess from stress in some of the health resorts. The change will do god for you, by restoring or enhancing the spark.


Play together, stay together

Couples that have fun together have more chances for a long-lasting relationship than grumpy ones. There is a reason why most of the girls, for example, when talking about their ideal boyfriends, state: “He needs to make me laugh”. So, have fun together, dance on the middle of the street, embark on some adventures, and do the things you never have done. And enjoy passionately all those ordinary things you do together: watching films, going to concerts, binge-watching favourite TV shows, etc.

Get it on (sexual healing)

There can’t really be a good relationship without god sex. A great sex life means a better overall relationship satisfaction and quality. The frequency of it is, of course, entirely up to you and your partner. You are not obligated to always be in the mood, but keep in mind that sometimes what it takes to improve your mood, is just the good old fashion (or modern if you prefer) lovemaking. If you find you’re in a rut, try to spice things up. You could try buying an adult toy or experiment with fantasy role play with your partner to bring new excitement into the bedroom.

In the end, don’t forget to appreciate your partner and all of the small things you share. Take it from Johhny Cash, who lived with the love of his life happily for 35 years and described paradise as the simple morning coffee “with her”.


Written by WSS contributor, Kelly Brook.

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